IBM Director Shortcut Keys Download PDF

IBM Director Shortcut Keys

IBM Director Shortcut Keys

IBM systems Director is an element management device (EMS) (on occasion called a “workgroup control device”) first brought with the aid of IBM in 1993 as NetFinity supervisor. The software program became in the beginning written to run on OS/2 It has sooner or later gone via some of call changes within the intervening time. It changed into changed in 1996 to IBM laptop SystemView. Later that same year, it changed into renamed to TME 10 NetFinity. the following year, it reverted to a barely altered model of its original name: IBM Netfinity supervisor (notice the lowercase ‘f’).

Tab – Go to Next Link in Topic Pane
Shift+Tab – Go to Previous Link in Topic Pane
Alt+KthenTab – Bring Topic Pane into Focus
Alt+R thenEnter/Up Arrow – Go directly to Search Results View
Alt+Left Arrow/Right Arrow – Navigate in browser history
Ctrl+P – Print Active pane
Alt+S – Move to Search Entry Field
Home – Scroll Up in Frame
End – Scroll down in Frame
Tab – Go to next Link/Button/Topic Node
F6 – Go to next Frame in Help system
+/- – Expand/Collapse in Node in Navigation Tree
Tab – To Move through Controls in Particular Page
Alt+Down Arrow – Open Combo Box

IBM Director Shortcut Keys PDF

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