IBM Maximo Shortcut Keys Download PDF

IBM Maximo Shortcut Keys

IBM Maximo Shortcut Keys

IBM Maximo Asset management is an employer asset management (EAM) software answer product produced by IBM. it’s miles an answer which enterprises use to song the operation, upkeep and disposal of property.

Tab – Move from one interface element to the next.
Enter – Select buttons, links, and menu options.
Spacebar – Select or clear a check box.
Alt+F1 – Display field help for field in focus
Alt+L – Expand the Help menu
Alt+B – Bulletins
Alt+G – Go To
Alt+R – Reports
Alt+C – Start Center
Alt+P – Profile
Alt+S – Sign Out
Alt+H – Help
Alt+R – Return
Alt+W – Return with Value
Ctrl+Alt+I – Insert New Record
Ctrl+Alt+S – Save Record
Ctrl+Alt+C – Clear changes
Ctrl+Alt+P – Previous Record
Ctrl+Alt+N – Next Record
Ctrl+Alt+A – Change Status
Ctrl+Alt+K – Create KPI
Ctrl+Alt+L – Assign Labor
Ctrl+Alt+F – Finish Assignment
Ctrl+Alt+U – Interrupt Assignment
Ctrl+Alt+E – Select Work Date
Ctrl+Alt+T – Start Assignment
Ctrl+Alt+B – Start Timer
Ctrl+Alt+E – Stop Timer
Ctrl+Down Arrow – Next Row
Ctrl+Up Arrow – Previous Row
Ctrl+Z – Open/Close table window Filter
Ctrl+< – Previous Page
Ctrl+> – Next Page
Ctrl+= – Insert today’s date
– Move back one day
Ctrl++ – Move forward one day
Ctrl+Right Arrow – Next Month
Ctrl+Left Arrow – Previous Month
Ctrl+Up Arrow – Next Year
Ctrl+Down Arrow – Previous Year

IBM Maximo Shortcut Keys PDF

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