iClone Shortcut Keys Download PDF

iClone Shortcut Keys

iClone Shortcut Keys

iClone is a actual-time 3-D animation and rendering software software that allows customers to make 3-d animated movies. actual-time playback is enabled by using the usage of a 3-D videogame engine for fast on-screen rendering.

Ctrl+N – New Project
Ctrl+O – Open Project
Ctrl+S – Save Project
Ctrl+Shift+S – Save Project As
Ctrl+I – Import
F1 – Show online help
F3 – Show/Hide Timeline
F4 – Show/Hide Content Manager
F5 – Show/Hide Scene Manager
F6 – Show/Hide Modify Panel
F7 – Show/Hide Visual Settings Panel
F8 – Show/Hide Mini Viewport Panel
F9 – Show/Hide Play Bar
Ctrl+P – Show/Hide Preference Panel
Ctrl+Shift+P – Show/Hide Project Settings Panel
N – Show/Hide Edit Motion Layer Panel
Ctrl+Q – Show/Hide Gizmo
Ctrl+G – Show/Hide Grid
Ctrl+F – Show/Hide FPS
Ctrl+A – Show/Hide World Axis
Ctrl+D – Show/Hide Dummy Object
RMB – Show Pop-up Menu
Ctrl+R – Switch Render State
Ctrl+2 – Standard
Ctrl+3 – Animation
Ctrl+4 – Visual Effects
Ctrl+5 – Final Render
Ctrl+6 – All Panels
Ctrl+Z – Undo
Ctrl+Y – Redo
Spacebar – Play/Pause
, – Stop
F10 – Current Frame Preview
Ctrl+E – Toggle Angle Snap On/Off
Ctrl+W – Toggle Snap to Grid On/Off
Ctrl+M – Toggle Snap to Model On/Off
Ctrl+Move/Rotate/Scale – Copy
Delete – Delete Object
Ctrl+LMB – Selection
Q – Toggle to Select Tool
W – Toggle to Move Tool
E – Toggle to Rotate Tool
R – Toggle to Scale Tool
H – Combo camera switch
U – Camera & Object switch
/ – Light & Object switch
Alt+Right/Left Arrow – Move along X Axis
Alt+Up/Down Arrow – Move along Y Axis
Ctrl+Up/Down Arrow – Move along Z Axis
Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow – Rotate by Z Axis
Ctrl+C – Copy keys or clips
Ctrl+X – Cut keys or clips
Ctrl+V – Paste keys or clips
Shift+LMB – Multi-selection continuously
Ctrl+LMB – Multi-selection individually
Ctrl+Drag – Copy keys or clips
Drag the end edge of the clip – Loop the clip
Drag the end edge of the clip – Accelerate/Decelerate the clip
Delete – Delete keys or clips
Home – Go to Start frame
End – Go to End frame
Left Arrow – Go to previous frame
Right Arrow – Go to next frame.
Tab – Jump to next key or clip.
Shift+Tab – Jump to previous key or clip.
+ – Zoom in the timeline.
– Zoom out the timeline.

iClone Shortcut Keys PDF

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