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InCopy Shortcut Keys

Adobe InCopy is a expert word processor made by way of Adobe systems. It integrates with Adobe InDesign. InDesign is used to post revealed fabric, consisting of newspapers and magazines, whereas InCopy is used for general word processing. The software program enables editors to jot down, edit, and design files. The software program includes trendy word processing functions which includes spell take a look at, tune adjustments, and word matter, and has various viewing modes that permit editors to visually inspect layout factors — just because it looks to the dressmaker working in Adobe InDesign.

Shift+Esc – Switch between Text tool and Note tool
Alt+Shift – Temporarily switch from Text tool to Note Tool
Alt+Spacebar – Temporarily switch to Hand tool (Layout view)
Ctrl+Spacebar – Temporarily switch to Zoom tool (Layout view)
Ctrl+Spacebar – Temporarily switch to Zoom In tool (Layout view)
Ctrl+Alt+Spacebar – Temporarily switch to Zoom Out tool (Layout view)
Ctrl+Shift+PgUp/PgDn – Go to first/last page (Layout view)
Shift+PgUp/PgDn – Go to previous/next page (Layout view)
Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Move right/left one character
Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Move up/down one line
Ctrl+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Move right/left one word
Ctrl+]/Ctrl+[ – Go to beginning of sentence forward/backward (Galley and Story views)
Home/End – Go to beginning/end of line
Ctrl+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Go to previous/next paragraph
Ctrl+Alt+] – Go to next story (Galley view)
Ctrl+Alt+[ – Go to previous story (Galley view)
Ctrl+Home/End – Go to beginning/end of story
Shift+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Select one character to the right/left
Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Select one word to the right/left
Shift+Home/End – Select to the start/end of the line
Ctrl+Shift+P – Select current paragraph (Galley and Story views)
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Select sentence forward/backward (Galley and Story views)
Shift+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Select one line above/below
Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Select one paragraph before/after
Ctrl+Shift+Home/End – Select to beginning/end of story
Ctrl+Backspace/Delete – Delete word in front of insertion point (Galley and Story views)
Ctrl+Shift+Backspace/Delete – Delete current sentence (Galley and Story views)

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Delete – Delete current paragraph (Galley and Story views)
Ctrl+Alt+/ – Recompose all stories
Ctrl+Alt+2 – Toggle current and previous view
Ctrl+F6 – Go to Next window
Ctrl+Shift+F6 – Go to Previous window
PgUp/PgDn – Scroll up/down one screen
Alt+Shift+PgUp/PgDn – Go to first/last spread
Ctrl+Alt+PgUp/PgDn – Go to first previous/ next spread
Ctrl+Alt+= – Fit selection in window
Ctrl+5/2/4 – Increase screen to 50%/ 200%/400%
Ctrl+Alt+5 – Access view percent field
Ctrl+./, – Increase/Decrease size/scale by 1%
Ctrl+Alt+./, – Increase/Decrease size/scale by 5%
Arrow Keys – Move selection
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Keys – Move selection by 1/10th
Shift+Arrow Keys – Move selection by 10 times
Esc – Enables the Position tool in text
Ctrl+Shift+X – Normal horizontal scale
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X – Normal vertical scale
Ctrl+Shift+>/< – Increase/Decrease text point size
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+>/< – Increase/Decrease text point size five times
Alt+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Increase/Decrease leading (horizontal text)
Alt+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Increase/Decrease leading (vertical text)
Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Increase/Decrease leading five times (horizontal text)
Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Increase/Decrease leading five times (vertical text)
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A – Auto leading
Alt+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Increase/Decrease kerning/tracking
Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Increase/Decrease kerning/tracking five times

Ctrl+Alt+Q – Reset all manual kerning preferences (reset track to 0)
Alt+Shift+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Increase/Decrease baseline shift (horizontal text)
Alt+Shift+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Increase/Decrease baseline shift (vertical text)
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Increase/Decrease baseline shift five times (horizontal text)
Ctrl+Alt+\/Backspace – Increase/Decrease word space kerning
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+\/Backspace – Increase/Decrease word space kerning five times

Ctrl+Shift+L/C/R – Align text left/center/right
Ctrl+Shift+J – Justify with last line aligned left
Ctrl+Shift+F – Justify all lines
Shift+Tab – Insert right indent tab
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+/ – Update missing font list
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+’ – Toggle typographer’s quotes preference
Alt+Click Expanded/Collapsed note bookend – Expand/Collapse all notes except current note
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+J – Open Justification dialog box
Ctrl+Alt+K – Open Keep Options dialog box
Ctrl+Alt+J – Open Paragraph Rules dialog box
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C – Redefine character style
Ctrl+Alt+R – Open Drop Caps and Nested Styles dialog box
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R – Redefine paragraph style
Ctrl+Shift+K – Toggle all caps (on/off)
Ctrl+Alt+L – Toggle small caps (on/off)
Ctrl+Shift+= – Superscript
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+= – Subscript
Ctrl+Shift+U – Underline
Ctrl+Shift+/ – Strikethrough
Ctrl+B/Ctrl+Shift+B – Bold
Ctrl+Shift+I – Italic
Ctrl+Shift+Y – Normal
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+G – Toggle align to grid (on/off)
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H – Toggle auto-hyphenate (on/off)
Ctrl+F1 – Insert selected text into Find What box
Shift+F1 – Insert selected text into Find What box and find next
Ctrl+F3 – Replace selected text with Change To text
Shift+F3 – Replace selected text with Change To text and find next
Ctrl+F2 – Insert selected text into Replace box
Backspace/Delete – Clear cell
Tab/Left Arrow/Right Arrow – Move to next cell
Shift+Tab – Move to previous cell
Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Move up/down through table cells
Alt+PgUp/PgDn – Move to first/last cell in column
Alt+Home/End – Move to first/last cell in row
PgUp/PgDn – Move to first/last row in frame
Shift+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Select cells above/below
Shift+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Select cells to the right/left
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+J – Open Justification dialog box
Alt+Ctrl+J – Open Paragraph Rules dialog box
Alt+Ctrl+K – Open Keep Options dialog box
Ctrl+T – Activate Character panel
Ctrl+Alt+T – Activate Paragraph panel
Select text and press Shift+Alt+Ctrl+C – Make character style definition match text
Select text and press Shift+Alt+Ctrl+R – Make paragraph style definition match text
Shift+Alt+Ctrl-double-click style – Change options without applying style

Alt+Click paragraph style name – Remove style and local formatting
Alt+Shift-click paragraph style name – Clear overrides from paragraph style

F11/Shift+F11 – Show/hide Paragraph and Character Styles panels, respectively
Ctrl+Shift+5 – Load word
Ctrl+Shift+6 – Look up word
Ctrl+Shift+7 – Change word
Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Expand/Collapse element
Alt+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Expand/Collapse element and child elements
Shift+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Extend XML selection up/down
Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Move XML selection up/down
PgUp/PgDn – Scroll structure pane up/down one screen
Home/End – Select first/last XML node
Shift+Home/End – Extend selection to first/last XML node
Ctrl+Left Arrow/Right Arrow – Go to previous/next validation error
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F7 – Automatically tag text frames and tables
Ctrl+Shift+W – Close current document
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+W – Close all documents
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S – Save all documents
Ctrl+Alt+Z – Expand all stories
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Z – Collapse all stories
Ctrl+Alt+Tab – Show/Hide all toolbars and panels
Ctrl+Alt+N – New default document
Ctrl+Shift+D – Display Links panel
Ctrl+Alt+` – Activate last-used field in panel
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+6 – Update beginning to cursor info
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+8 – Update copyfit progress info
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+7 – Update cursor to end info
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+5 – Update selection info
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+4 – Update whole story info
Shift+F5 – Force redraw
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U – Toggle units
Ctrl+Alt+F8 – New text macro
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F8 – Edit text macro
Alt+Shift+F8 – Insert macro text

InCopy Shortcut Keys PDF

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