Internet Explorer Shortcut Keys Download PDF

internet explorer shortcut keys
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Internet Explorer (previously Microsoft net Explorer and home windows internet Explorer, usually abbreviated IE or MSIE) is a sequence of graphical net browsers evolved by using Microsoft and covered within the Microsoft windows line of running structures, starting in 1995. It was first released as part of the add-on package Plus! for home windows 95 that yr. Later versions have been to be had as loose downloads, or in carrier packs, and covered in the authentic gadget producer (OEM) service releases of home windows 95 and later variations of windows. The browser is discontinued, however nonetheless maintained. Internet Explorer become one of the most extensively used web browsers, reaching a height of approximately ninety five% usage percentage all through 2002 and 2003.[6] This got here after Microsoft used bundling to win the primary browser battle towards Netscape, which changed into the dominant browser inside the 1990s. Its usage share has seeing that declined with the release of Firefox (2004) and Google Chrome (2008), and with the growing popularity of running systems along with macOS, Linux, iOS and Android that do not run net Explorer.

Internet Explorer Shortcut Keys


Shortcut Key Information State
Ctrl + D Add current site to favorites Top shortcuts
Ctrl + W Close tab Top shortcuts
Home Go to your home page Top shortcuts
Ctrl + Shift + Delete Delete browsing history Top shortcuts
F1 Get help & support Top shortcuts
Ctrl + H Open browsing history Top shortcuts
Ctrl + T Open a new tab Top shortcuts
Ctrl + Shift + P Open a new InPrivate Browsing window Top shortcuts
Ctrl + P Print the current page Top shortcuts
F5 Refresh page Top shortcuts
Ctrl + Tab Switch between tabs Top shortcuts
Alt + D View the app commands (address bar, frequent sites, etc.) Top shortcuts
Ctrl + J View downloads Top shortcuts
Ctrl + E Open a search query in the address bar Search
Alt + Enter Open a search query in a new tab Search
Ctrl + Bottom Arrow Open the Address bar (to view history, favorites, and search providers) Search
Ctrl + Shift + L Search using copied text Search
Ctrl + + Zoom in (+ 10%) Zoom
Ctrl + – Zoom out (- 10%) Zoom
Ctrl + 0 Zoom to 100% Zoom
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