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JW Player Shortcut Keys

JW Player Shortcut Keys Download PDF

JW Player Shortcut Keys

JW player is a ny based totally company which has developed a video player software program of the same name. The participant, for embedding motion pictures into internet pages, is used by news, video-web hosting agencies and for self-hosted net motion pictures. The company has also created the video control software “JW Platform”, previously called “Bits at the Run”.

Spacebar – Pause/Play video playback
Enter – Pause/Play video playback
M – Mute/Unmute video volume
Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Increase and decrease volume by 10%
Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Seek forward or backward by 5 seconds
0..9 – Fast seek to x% of the video
F – Enter or exit fullscreen
C – Press c to toggle through the captions list

JW Player Shortcut Keys PDF

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JW Player Shortcut Keys Download PDF

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