Kingsoft Presentation Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Kingsoft Presentation Shortcut Keys

Kingsoft Presentation Shortcut Keys

Kingsoft (chinese language: 金山软件; pinyin: jīnshān ruǎnjiàn; actually: “Gold Mountain software”) is a chinese software program organization that has research and development facilities in Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian, and Zhuhai. The employer has traditionally centered on development for the internet and Microsoft home windows systems. they also created an impartial mobile internet subsidiary called Cheetah mobile, the arena’s leading cell utility and content material app developer, and has worked on safety software products, maximum recently shifting toward net-based programs, inclusive of Kingsoft Kuaipan (a loose cloud garage application walking on more than one platforms). furthermore, the employer also developed WPS office for Microsoft windows, Android, iOS and Linux, a cheaper alternative to Microsoft workplace.

Alt+Shift+Left Arrow – Decrease Indent Level of Paragraph
Alt+Shift+Right Arrow – Increase Indent Level of Paragraph
Ctrl+= – Changes Select Text to SubScript
Ctrl+Shift+= – Change Select Text to SuperScript
Ctrl+B – Bold
Ctrl+I – Italic
Ctrl+U – Underline
Ctrl+C – Copy
Ctrl+X – Cut
Ctrl+V – Paste
Ctrl+E – Align Center
Ctrl+J – Justify
Ctrl+L – Align Left
Ctrl+R – Align Right
Ctrl+F9 – Insert New Blank Field
Ctrl+Shift+,/Ctrl+Shift+. – Zoom in/Zoom out Font
Ctrl+Shift+J – Align Selected Text as Distributed
Ctrl+W – Close Window
F1 – Help
Alt+Shift+- – Collapse Selected Items
Alt+Shift+= – Expand Selected Items
Ctrl+Z – Undo
Ctrl+Y – Redo

Ctrl+N – Create New File
Ctrl+O – Open Existing File
Ctrl+P – Print Active File
Ctrl+S – Save File
Alt+F11 – Display VB Editor
Alt+F8 – Create and Run Macros
Ctrl+A – Select All Presentation
Ctrl+F – Find Dialog Box
Ctrl+H – Display Go to Dialog Box
Ctrl+F1 – Display task Pane in Right
F1 – Online Help
Shift+F10 – Display Right Context menu

N/Right Arrow – Next Slide
P/Left Arrow – Previous Slide
Ctrl+L – Go back to Previous Slide
Ctrl+K – Inset Hyperlink
Esc – End slideShow
F5 – Play slideshow from Beginning
Shift+F9 – Display Gridline
Any No.thenEnter – Go to any No. slide
Shift+F5 – Start Slide Show from current Slide

Kingsoft Presentation Shortcut Keys PDF

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