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Lens Studio Shortcut Keys pdf download

Lens Studio Shortcut Keys

Lens Studio is Snapchat software for making different types of lenses. You can make 2d lenses, 3d lenses, animation lenses, and more. Download Lens Studio official software from here

lens studio shortcut keys

Camera Movement

Mac Shortcuts Windows Shortcuts
Camera Pan Option + Middle Click Alt + Middle Click
Camera Rotate Option + Middle Click Alt + Left Click
Camera Zoom Option + Middle Click + Dragor Scroll Wheel Alt + Right Click + Drag or Scroll Wheel
Camera Zoom to Selected F F
Camera Zoom to All A A


Mac Shortcuts Windows Shortcuts
Selection Tool Q Q
Move Tool W W
Rotation Tool E E
Scale Tool R R
Frame Tool T T
New Project Command + N Ctrl + N
Open Project Command + O Ctrl + O
Close to Home Command + W Ctrl + W
Save Project Command + S Ctrl + S
Save Project As Shift +Command + S Ctrl + Shift + S
Import Shift +Command + I Ctrl + Shift + I
Undo Command + Z Ctrl + Z
Redo Shift +Command + Z Ctrl + Shift + Z
Duplicate Command + D Ctrl + D
Minimize Command + M Ctrl + M

Download Lens studio shortcut keys in pdf format.

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Lens Studio Shortcut Keys pdf download

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