LibreCAD Shortcut Keys Download PDF

LibreCAD Shortcut Keys

LibreCAD Shortcut Keys

LibreCAD is a free pc-aided layout (CAD) application for 2nd layout. it really works on Linux, OS X, Unix and home windows working systems.
LibreCAD was evolved as a fork of QCad community version. The GUI of LibreCAD is based on Qt4 libraries, so it runs on several structures inside the equal manner.

po/point – Draw Point
l/li/line – Draw Line
pl/polyline – Draw Polyline
o/pa/offset/parallel – Draw Line Parallel
a/ar/arc – Draw Arc 3P
ci/circle – Draw Circle
rec/rect/rectangle – Draw Line Rectangle
mtxt/mtext – Draw M Text
txt/text – Draw Text
ha/hatch – Draw Hatch
fhl/free – Draw Line Free
spl/spline – Draw Spline
stp/spline2 – Draw Spline Points
ortho/perp – Draw Line Orthogonal
ver/vertical – Draw Line Vertical
hor/horizontal – Draw Line Horizontal
ei/ie – Draw Ellipse Inscribed
bi/bisect – Draw Line Bisector
tanpc/tangentpc – Draw Line Tangent1
poly2/polygon2v – Draw Line Polygon Cor Cor
pp/ptp – Draw Line Parallel Through
c2/circle2 – Draw Circle 2P
c3/circle3 – Draw Circle 3P
ct3/tan3 – Draw Circle Tan 3

zr/rg/regen/redraw – Zoom Redraw
zw – Zoom Window
za – Zoom Auto
zp – Zoom Pan
zv – Zoom Previous

u/undo/oo – Edit Undo
r/redo/uu – Edit Redo
k/kill – Edit Kill All Actions

da – Dim Aligned
dr – Dim Linear
dh – Dim Linear Hor
dv – Dim Linear Ver
ld – Dim Leader

tm/trim – Modify Trim
t2/tm2 – Modify Trim 2
mv – Modify Move
ch/fillet (bug) – Modify Bevel
mi – Modify Mirror
ro – Modify Rotate
sz – Modify Scale
ss – Modify Stretch
er – Modify Delete
xp – Blocks Explode
di/div/cut – Modify Cut
mp/prop – Modify Entity
fi/fillet – Modify Round
ma/attr – Modify Attributes

os/sf – Snap Free
sg – Snap Grid
se – Snap Endpoint
si – SnapIntersection
sc – Snap Center
sm – Snap Middle
np/sn – Snap On Entity
sd – Snap Dist
rn – Restrict Nothing
rr – Restrict Orthogonal
rh – Restrict Horizontal
rv – Restrict Vertical
rz – Set Relative Zero

tn – Deselect All
sa – Select All

dpp/dist – Info Dist
ang/angle – Info Angle
ar/area – Info Area

LibreCAD Shortcut Keys PDF

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