Linux – Bash Shortcut Keys

Linux – Bash Shortcut Keys

Bash Shortcut Keys for Linux

Home/Ctrl+A – Go to Beginning of Line
Ctrl+E/End – Go to End of Line
Ctrl+F – Forward one character
Ctrl+B – Backward ine character
Ctrl+XX – Toggle between start of line and cursor current position
Ctrl+P/Up Arrow – Previous Command
Ctrl+N/Down Arrow – Next Arrow
Alt+B – Back one word
Alt+F – Forward one word
Ctrl+L – Clear Screen
Ctrl+D – Delete Character Under Cursor
Ctrl+H – Delete Character From Left
Alt+Del – Delete Word before Cursor
Alt+D – Delete Word After Cursor
Ctrl+W – Cut Word Before Cursor to Clipboard
Ctrl+K – Cut Line After Cursor to Clipboard
Ctrl+U – Cut Line Before Cursor to Clipboard
Alt+T – Swap Current Word with Previous
Ctrl+T – Swap Last Character before Cursor
Esc+T – Swap Last Two Words Before Cursor
Ctrl+Y – Paste Last Thing to be Cut
Ctrl+_ – Undo
Alt+U – Upper Capitalize Every Character form Cursor
Alt+L – Lower The Case Every Character Form Cursor
Alt+C – Capitalize Character Under Cursor and Move to End of the Word
Alt+R – Cancel Changes and Put Back the Line
Ctrl+I – Tab
Ctrl+J – NewLine
Ctrl+M – Enter
Ctrl+[ – Escape
Ctrl+2 – ^@
Ctrl+3 – ^Escape
Ctrl+4 – ^\
Ctrl+5 – ^
Ctrl+6 – ^^
Ctrl+7 – ^_Undo
Ctrl+8 – ^? Backward Delete Char
Ctrl+V – Display Sequence for Enter Key
Ctrl+R – Recall Last Command
Ctrl+P – Previous Command in History
Ctrl+N – Next Command in History
Ctrl+S – Go back to Next Most Recent Command
Ctrl+O – Execute Command found via Ctrl+R/Ctrl+S
Ctrl+G – Escape from History Searching Mode
!! – Repeat Last Command
!abc – Run Last Commnd Starting with abc
!abc:p – Print last Command starting with abc
!$ – Last Argument of Previous Command
Alt+. – Last Argument of Previous Command
!* – All Arguments of Previous Command
^abc^def – Run Previous Command,replacing abc with def
Ctrl+C – Interrupt/Kill Whatever you are running
Ctrl+L – Clear Screen
Ctrl+S – Stop Output to Screen
Ctrl+Q – Allow Output to Screen
Ctrl+D – Send an EOF Marker
Ctrl+Z – Send the signal SIGTSTP to Current Task
$set -o vi – Set Vi Mode
$set -o emacs – Set Emacs Mode

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