Linux – Chromebook Shortcut Keys

Chromebook shortcut keys
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Linux – Chromebook Shortcut Keys

Chromebook Shortcut Keys for Linux

Ctrl+Shift+Q(Twice) – Sign out of your Google account
Ctrl+Shift+L – Lock your computer’s screen
Alt+1..8 – Activates Apps 1..8 on your shelf
Alt+Shift+M – Open the files app
Alt+Shift+S – Open the Status menu
Ctrl+Alt+Z – Toggle ChromeVox on or off
Ctrl+Shift and +/- – Change the screen resolution
Ctrl+Shift and 0 – Set the screen resolution back to default
Ctrl+Shift and Reload – Rotate the screen 90 degrees
F1..F12 – Search + 1 to Search + =
Page Up – Alt or Search and Up arrow
Page Down – Alt or Search and Down arrow
Ctrl+Window switcher key 1/ Ctrl+F5 – Take a screenshot of the current page
Ctrl+Shift+Window switcher key 2/Ctrl+Shift+F5 – Take a partial screenshot of the current page
Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow – Select the next word
Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow – Select the previous word
Shift+Search+ Right Arrow – Select text until the end of the line
Shift+Search+ Left Arrow – Select text until the end of the previous line
Ctrl+Backspace – Delete the previous word
Alt+Backspace – Forward delete
Ctrl+Right Arrow – Move cursor one word to the right
Ctrl+Left Arrow – Move cursor one word to the left
Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow – Go to the top of the page
Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow – Go to the bottom of the page
Ctrl+Search+Right Arrow – Go to the end of a document
Ctrl+Search+Left Arrow – Go to the beginning of a document
Ctrl+A – Select everything on a page
Ctrl+C – Copy selected text to clipboard
Ctrl+L – Select everything in the address bar
Ctrl+V – Paste text currently in clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+V – Past text as plain text
Ctrl+X – Cut text from document and copy to clipboard
Ctrl+Z – Undo last action
Ctrl+W – Closes the currently selected tab

Linux – Chromebook Shortcut Keys PDF

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