Linux – FEKO Shortcut Keys

FEKO Shortcut Keys

Linux – FEKO Shortcut Keys

FEKO Shortcut Keys for Linux

Alt+4 – FEKO solver
Alt+8 – FEKO terminal
Ctrl+N – New
Ctrl+O – Open
Ctrl+S – Save
Ctrl+P – Print
Ctrl+Z – Undo
Ctrl+Y – Redo
Ctrl+A – Select All
Ctrl+C/ Ctrl+Ins – Copy selected text to clipboard
Ctrl+X/Shift+Del – Cut selected text to clipboard
Ctrl+V/Shift+Ins – Paste from clipboard
Esc – Close dialog
F1 – Context-sensitive help for the dialog/window that has focus
Alt+S – Search for an action (locatethen execute or launch help on)
Alt – Display hotkeys for keyboard navigation of the ribbon
0 – Isomatric View
2 – Bottom view
4 – Left view
5 – Front view
Ctrl+F5 – Back view
6 – Right view
8 – Top view
F5 – Zoom to extents
Ctrl+LMB+Drag – Pan view
Shift+LMB+Drag – Zoom view
Ctrl+C – Copy image of active 3D viewthenschematic view or network schematic to clipboard
Ctrl+E – Export image of active view
Del – Delete selected item
Ctrl+K – Copy (duplicate element)
F2 – Rename selected item
Ctrl+R – Run script
F5 – Step
F6 – Pause
F7 – Stop
F8 – Toggle breakpoint
Alt+C – Comment
Alt+U – Uncomment
Ctrl++ – Zoom in
Ctrl+- – Zoom out
Ctrl+F – Find/Replace
Ctrl+G – Go to line
Ctrl+Shift – Snapping preview: Show coordinates on status bar of point that is hovered over in 3D view
Ctrl+Shift – Snapping preview: Update values in active field(s) on dialog as mouse is moved over 3D view
Ctrl+Shift+LMB – Point entry (click on 3D view or tree to add coordinates/value to active dialog field)
U – Union: Combine the selected parts to enforce mesh connectivity
Ctrl+M – Create mesh (prompt for mesh settings)
Ctrl+Shift+M – Quick mesh (mesh with existing settings)
Ctrl+Del – Delete mesh
Ctrl+H – Show/hide item in 3D view (select from 3D view or tree)
Alt+W – Show/hide message window
Alt+T – Show/hide tree
# – Add variable
F9 – Add workplane
R – Re-evaluate geometry (older models or faulty imported geometry) / Rotate element (schematic view)
Ctrl++ – Move configuration up
Ctrl+- – Move configuration down
Ctrl+3 – New 3D view
Alt+Left Arrow – Undo view
Alt+Right Arrow – Redo view
Cthen1 – Cuboid
Cthen2 – Flare
Cthen3 – Sphere
Cthen4 – Cylinder
Cthen5 – Cone
Sthen1 – Polygon
Sthen2 – Rectangle
Sthen3 – Ellipse
Sthen4 – Paraboloid
Sthen5 – NURBS surface
Vthen1 – Line
Vthen2 – Polyline
Vthen3 – Fitted spline
Vthen5 – Bézier curve
Vthen6 – Analytical curve
Athen1 – Elliptic arc
Athen2 – Parabolic arc
Athen3 – Hyperbolic arc
Athen4 – Helix
U – Union
Bthen1 – Subtract from
Bthen2 – Intersection
Bthen3 – Split
Bthen4 – Stitch
Ethen1 – Spin
Ethen2 – Sweep
Ethen3 – Path sweep
Ethen4 – Loft
QthenC – Select edge loop (normally used with hole filling tool)
Ctrl+O – Add model
Ctrl+Shift+O – Open project
Shift+F2 – Edit trace legend entry
Ctrl+F2 – Edit chart text (edit the labelsthen title and footer of a graph)
Ctrl++ – Raise trace
Ctrl+- – Lower trace
Ctrl+Shift+LMB – Add annotation to 3D view
Alt+B – Show/hide project browser (left side panel)
Alt+P – Show/hide result palette (right side panel)
Ctrl+Q – Exit POSTFEKO
F1 – Edit line at cursor position
F1 – Context-sensitive help for the card being edited
Alt+C – Comment
Alt+U – Uncomment
Ctrl+F – Find/Replace
F3 – Find next
Ctrl+G – Go to line
Ctrl+Left Arrow – Move one word to the left
Ctrl+Right Arrow – Move one word to the right
PgUp – Move up one page
PgDn – Move down one page
Home – Move to beginning of line
End – Move to end of line
Ctrl+Home – Move to beginning of file
Ctrl+End – Move to end of file
Ctrl+Q – Exit EDITFEKO

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