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gThumb Shortcut Keys

Linux – gThumb Shortcut Keys

Linux – gThumb Shortcut Keys

gThumb Shortcut Keys for Linux

F9 – Show/Hide the sidebar in the browser mode The sidebar contains the folder tree and the file properties summary (if enabled)
I – Show the file properties summary
F8 – Shows/hides the thumbnail pane in the viewer mode
F11/F – Toggles the fullscreen mode
Ctrl+T – Shows/hides the Thumbnails in the browser mode
Esc – Closes the viewer or fullscreen mode
E – Edit the image and Opens the viewer and shows the editing tools
G – Open the image with the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)
F2 – Rename the image
C/Ctrl+M – Add Comments or metadata to an image
] – Rotate right, losslessly if possible The file is saved automatically
[ – Rotate left, losslessly if possible The file is saved automatically
Delete – Move the selected files to the Trash
Shift+Delete – Delete the selected files permanently
A – Adjust contrast
L – Flip image
M – Mirror image
R – Rotate right
R – Rotate left
C – Crop image
S – Resize image
Spacebar/Page Down – View the next image
Backspace/Page Up – View the previous image
Home – View the first image
End – View the last image
Ctrl+D – Add the current location to the bookmarks
+ – Zoom in
– Zoom out
1/Z/Numpad / – Actual size
X/Numpad * – Zoom to fit (scales down only, does not magnify)
Shift+X – Zoom to fit (scale down or magnify, as required)
W – Zoom to fit Width (scales down only, does not magnify)
Shift+W – Zoom to fit Width (scale down or magnify, as required)
H – Zoom to fit Height (scales down only, does not magnify)
Shift+H – Zoom to fit Height (scale down or magnify, as required)
Arrow Keys – Scroll the image
Shift+Arrow Keys – Scroll the image faster
Home – Go to the first file in the browser view
End – Go to the last file in the browser view
Down Arrow/PgDn – Scroll downwards through the thumbnails
Up Arrow/PgUp – Scroll upwards through the thumbnails
Alt+Left Arrow – Go back to the previously viewed folder
Alt+Right Arrow – Go forward (after going back to a folder)
Alt+Up Arrow – Go up one level
F5 – Start a slideshow
P – Pause/Unpause the slideshow
Esc/Q – Close the slideshow
Spacebar/Down Arrow – Load the next image
Backspace/Up Arrow – Load the previous image

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Linux – gThumb Shortcut Keys

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