Linux – Novell Evolution Shortcut Keys

Novell Evolution Shortcut Keys

Linux – Novell Evolution Shortcut Keys

Novell Evolution Shortcut Keys for Linux

ctrl+1 – Jump to Mail
ctrl+2 – Jump to Contacts
ctrl+3 – Jump to Calendar
ctrl+4 – Jump to Tasks
ctrl+5 – Jump to Memos
ctrl+n – New item in current mode (Mail/Contact/Appointment/Task/Memo)
f6 – Focus search bar
shift+ctrl+q – Clear search bar
ctrl+p – Print selected item
ctrl+s – Save selected item
delete – Delete selected item
ctrl+w – Close current window
ctrl+q – Quit program
shift+ctrl+c – New contact
shift+ctrl+l – New contact list
shift+ctrl+o – New memo
shift+ctrl+a – New appointment
shift+ctrl+e – New meeting
shift+ctrl+t – New task
ctrl+t – Go to today in calendar
ctrl+g – Go to specific date in calendar
shift+ctrl+v – Move contact to folder
shift+ctrl+y – Copy contact to folder
shift+ctrl+m – New message
ctrl+r – Reply to sender
ctrl+l – Reply to list
ctrl+f – Forward message
shift+ctrl+r – Reply to all recipients
shift+ctrl+v – Move message to folder
shift+ctrl+y – Copy message to folder
backspace – Scroll up in preview pane
space – Scroll down in preview pane
. or ] – Next message in list
, or [ – Previous message in list
enter or ctrl+o – Open selected message in its own window
f9 – Send and receive
ctrl+y – Apply message filters

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