Linux – Opera Shortcut Keys

Opera shortcut keys

Linux – Opera Shortcut Keys

Opera Shortcut Keys for Linux

Arrow Up – Move one line up
Arrow Down – Move one line down
Arrow Right – Move one character to the right
Arrow Left – Move one character to the left
PgUp – Move one screen Up
PgDn – Move one screen Down
Home – Go to top
End – Go to bottom
Ctrl+PgUp – Switch left through tabs
Ctrl+PgDn – Switch right through tabs
Ctrl+Tab – Cycle forwards through tabs in Tab Menu
Ctrl+Shift+Tab – Cycle backwards through tabs in Tab Menu
Ctrl+N – New Window
Ctrl+T – New tab
Ctrl+Shift+N – New private tab
Ctrl+Shift+T – Reopen last open tab
Ctrl+` – Select previously active tab
Ctrl+1 – Switch to 1st tab
Ctrl+2 – Switch to 2nd tab
Ctrl+3 – Switch to 3rd tab
Ctrl+4 – Switch to 4th tab
Ctrl+5 – Switch to 5th tab
Ctrl+6 – Switch to 6th tab
Ctrl+7 – Switch to 7th tab
Ctrl+8 – Switch to 8th tab
Ctrl+9 – Switch to 9th tab
Ctrl+M – Open Tab Menu
Ctrl+W/Ctrl+F4 – Close tab
Ctrl+R/F5 – Reload
Shift+F5/Ctrl+F5 – Reload without cache
Tab – Cycle forwards focus within active context
Shift+Tab – Cycle backwardss focus within active context
Enter – Activate
Alt+Enter – Edit Item properties
Esc – Exit Context or Cancel
Alt+D/Ctrl+E/Ctrl+L/F8 – Focus on address bar
F10 – Focus on main menu button
F6 – Focus on next pane
Shift+F6 – Focus on previous pane
Ctrl+O – Open file
Ctrl+S – Save page
Ctrl+Shift+W/Alt+F4 – Close Opera
Ctrl+Shift+X – Exit
Ctrl+Z – Undo recent changes
Ctrl+Y – Redo recent changes
Ctrl+C – Copy selection to clipboard
Ctrl+X – Cut selection to clipboard
Ctrl+V – Paste from clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+V – Paste from clipboard and go
Ctrl+A – Select all
Delete – Delete selection (or character right of cursor)
Backspace – Delete selection (or character left of cursor)
Ctrl+B – Toggle text-style bold
Ctrl+I – Toggle text-style italic
Ctrl+U – Toggle text-style underline
Ctrl+F – Find text
Ctrl+G/F3 – Find next
Ctrl+Shift+G/Shift+F3 – Find previous instance of text
./,///Shift+/ – Search for text in page (with Advanced Shortcuts on)

X – Go to next page in history (with Advanced Shortcuts on)
Z – Go to previous page in history (with Advanced Shortcuts on)
Shift+Backspace/Ctrl+Arrow Right/Alt+Arrow Right – Go to nest page in history
Ctrl+Arrow Left/Alt+Arrow Left – Go to previous page in history
Ctrl+H – Open History Menu
Ctrl+Shift+Del – Clear cache
Ctrl+Backspace – Go to parent directory
F11 – Toggle full screen
Ctrl+0 – Reset zoom
Ctrl+=/Shift+=/Ctrl+Shift+=/Ctrl++ – Zoom in
Ctrl+- – Zoom out
6 – Reset zoom (with Advanced Shortcuts on)
0/= – Zoom in (with Advanced Shortcuts on)
8 – Zoom in by 100% (with Advanced Shortcuts on)
9/- – Zoom out (with Advanced Shortcuts on)
7 – Zoom out by 100% (with Advanced Shortcuts on)
Ctrl+P – Print
Ctrl+Shift+P – Print without preview
Ctrl+Shift+I – Open Developer Tools
Ctrl+Shift+J – Open Developer Tools Console
Ctrl+U – View page source
Ctrl+Shift+C – Inspect Element
Enter – Follow selected link
Shift+Enter – Open selected link in new window
Ctrl+Shift+Enter – Open selected link in new tab
Ctrl+Enter – Open selected link in new background tab
Ctrl+Enter – Log in/autofill form using the Wand
Tab – Go to next element in form
Shift+Tab – Go to previous element in form
Space – Select form element
Enter – Open bookmark
Shift+Enter – Open bookmark in new tab
Ctrl+Shift+Enter – Open bookmark in background tab
Ctrl+D – Add to bookmarks
Ctrl+Shift+B – Manage bookmarks
Ctrl+B – Add to Speed Dial
Alt+F – Open Main Menu
Ctrl+Shift+7/Ctrl+J – Open Downloads Menu
Ctrl+Shift+E – Open Extentions Menu
Ctrl+Shift+S – Open Extentions Bar
Ctrl+H – Open History Menu
Ctrl+Shift+B – Manage bookmarks
Ctrl+Shift+M – Toggle last used messenger
Shift+Esc – Open Task Manager
Alt+P/Ctrl+F12 – Open Settings
F1 – Open Opera’s help window

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