Linux – tmux Shortcut Keys

tmux Shortcut Keys

Linux – tmux Shortcut Keys

tmux Shortcut Keys for Linux

tmux new -s myname – Start with a session name
tmux a # (or at, or attach) – Attach to an existing session number
tmux a -t myname – Attach to a named session
tmux ls – List sessions
tmux kill-session -t myname – Kill session
:new – New session
S – List sessions
$ – Name session
D – Detach
: – Prompt
Ctrl+B C – Create window
Ctrl+B W – List Windows
Ctrl+B N – Next window
Ctrl+B P – Previous window
Ctrl+B F – Find window
Ctrl+B , – Name window
Ctrl+B & – Kill window
Ctrl+B % – Vertical split
Ctrl+B “ – Horizontal split
Ctrl+B O – Swap panes
Ctrl+B Q – Show pane numbers
Ctrl+B X – Kill pane
Ctrl+B Arrow Keys – Move to pane

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