Linux – Vi Shortcut Keys

Vi Shortcut Keys

Linux – Vi Shortcut Keys

Vi Shortcut Keys for Linux

J – Next line
K – Previous line
H – Left
L – Right
Shift+G – Bottom of document
GG – Top of document
/ – Search Term
N – Next
N – Previous
: – enter command mode
:w – write
:q – quit
:q! – quit without saving
:wq – Write and quit
ZZ – Write and quit
:e <filename> – open <filename>
Esc – escape command mode
u – undo last command
I – Insert at current position
I – Insert at start of line
A – Append to end of line
O – Insert Line Below
O – Insert Line Above
S – Delete character at current position and insert
S – Delete the current line and insert
dw – delete word
dd – delete line
P – put after cursor
P – put before cursor
yw – copy word
yy – copy line

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