macOS – Ableton Live Shortcut Keys

macOS – Ableton Live Shortcut Keys

Ableton Live Shortcut Keys for macOS

F11 – Toggle Full Screen Mode
Command+Shift+W – Toggle Second Window
Tab – Toggle Session/Arrangement
Shift+Tab/F12 – Toggle Device/Clip View
Command+Option+L/Shift+F12 – Hide/Show Detail View
Q – Toggle Hot-Swap Mode
D – Toggle Drum
Rack/last-selected Pad
Shift+? – Hide/Show Info View
Command+Option+B – Hide/Show Browser
Command+Option+O – Hide/Show Overview
Command+Option+I – Hide/Show In/Out
Command+Option+S – Hide/Show Sends
Command+Option+M – Hide/Show Mixer
Command+, – Open the Preferences
Esc – Close Window/Dialog
Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Decrement/Increment
Command – Finer Resolution for Dragging
Delete – Return to Default
0……9 – Type in Value
.+, – Go to Next Field
Esc – Abort Value Entry
Enter – Confirm Value Entry
Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Scroll Down/Up
Right and left arrow – Close/Open Folders
Enter – Load Selected Item from
Shift+Enter – Preview Selected File
Command+F – Search in Browser
Down arrow – Jump to Search Results
Space – Play from Start Marker/Stop
Shift+Space – Continue Play from Stop
Space – Play Arrangement View
Function+Left arrow – Move Insert Marker to
F9 – Record
F10 – Back to Arrangement
F1……F8 – Activate/Deactivate Track
Command+X – Copy
Command+C – Cut
Command+V – Paste
Command+D – Duplicate
Delete – Delete
Command+Z – Undo
Command+Y – Redo
Command+R – Rename
Command+A – Select all
Shift+click – Move Start Marker to
Right and left arrow – Nudge Loop Left/Right
Up & Down Arrows – Move Loop By Loop Length
Command+Up and Down arrow – Halve/Double Loop Length
Command+Right and Left arrow – Shorten/Lengthen Loop
Command+Shift+L – Select Material in Loop
Enter – Launch Selected Clip/Slot
Arrow Keys – Select Neighboring Clip/Slot
Command+A – Select all Clips/Slots
Alt+Drag – Copy Clips
Command+E – Add/Remove Stop Button
Command+Shift+M – Insert MIDI clip
Command+I – Insert Scene
Command+Shift+I – Insert Captured Scene
Command+Up & down arrow – Move Nonadjacent Scenes
Without Collapsing
Command – Drop Browser Clips as a
Command+E – Split Clip at Selection
Command+J – Consolidate Selection into
Command+Option+F – Create Fade/Crossfade
Command+L – Loop Selection
Command+I – Insert Silence
Command+Option – Pan Left/Right of Selection
Option Unfold button – Unfold all Tracks
Command+Shift+F – Scroll Display to Follow
Command+T – Insert Audio Track
Command+Shift+T – Insert MIDI Track
Command+Option+T – Insert Return Track
Command+R – Rename Selected Track
Tab – While Renaming, Go to next
Command+G – Group Selected Tracks
Command+Shift+G – Ungroup Tracks
+ – Show Grouped Tracks
– Hide Grouped Tracks
Command+Arrow Keys – Move Nonadjacent Tracks
Without Collapsing
Command Click – Arm/Solo Multiple Tracks
Enter – Add Device from Browser
Command – Finer Resolution for Dragging
Shift – Enable Dragging Over
Option – Create Curved Automation
Command+M – Toggle MIDI Map Mode
Command+K – Toggle Key Map Mode
Command+Shift+K – Computer MIDI Keyboard
+ – Zoom in
– Zoom out
Shift – Drag/Click to Append to a
Shift – Click to Add Adjacent
Clips/Tracks/Scenes to
Command – Click to Add Nonadjacent
Clips/Tracks/Scenes to a
Command+Shift+F – Follow (Auto-Scroll)
Command+Option – Pan Left/Right of Selection
Command+U – Quantize
Command+Shift+U – Quantize Settings
Right & left arrow – Move Selected Warp Marker
Command+I – Insert Warp Marker
Command+ Right and left arrow – Select Warp Marker
Command+Shift+F – Scroll Display to Follow
Shift+Right & left arrow – Move Clip Region with Start
Command+U – Quantize
Command+Shift+U – Quantize Settings
Page Up/Page Down – Scroll Editor Vertically
Shift+Ppage up/Shift+Page Down – Scroll Editor Horizontally
Alt drag – Copy Notes
Command drag – Change Velocity From Note
Function+left arrow – Move Insert Marker to
End – Move Insert Marker to End
Command+Shift+F – Scroll Display to Follow
Shift+Right and left arrow – Move Clip Region with Start
B – Toggle Draw Mode
Command+1 – Narrow Grid
Command+2 – Widen Grid
Command+3 – Triplet Grid
Command+4 – Snap to Grid
Command+5 – Fixed/Zoom-Adaptive Grid
Command – Bypass Snapping While
Command+6 – Sixteenth-Note Quantization
Command+7 – Eighth-Note Quantization
Command+8 – Quarter-Note Quantization
Command+9 – 1-Bar Quantization
Command+0 – Quantization Off
Command+N – New Live Set
Command+O – Open Live Set
Command+S – Save Live Set
Command+Shift+S – Save Live Set As…
Command+Q – Quit Live
Command+H – Hide Live
Command+Shift+R – Export Audio/Video
Command+Shift+E – Export MIDI file
Command+Alt+P – Show/Hide Plug-In Windows
Command – Open Second/Multiple
Windows with Plug-In Edit
Command+G – Group/Ungroup Devices
Alt Device avtivator – Activate/Deactivate All
Devices in Group
Shift – Click to Append Devices to a
Selected Device
Enter – Load Selected Device From
Shift – Open Mac Keystroke Plug-In
Window with Plug-In Edit

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