macOS – Adobe Audition Shortcut Keys

Adobe Audition shortcut keys

macOS – Adobe Audition Shortcut Keys

Adobe Audition Shortcut Keys for macOS

Spacebar – Start/stop playback
Home – Set time indicator to beginning
End – Set time indicator to end
8 – Switch Waveform/Multitrack editor
Command+Left Arrow – Set time indicator to previous marker/clip
Command+Right Arrow – Set time indicator to next marker/clip
Shift+X – Toggle Preference for return cti to start position
= – Zoom in horizontally
Option+= – Zoom in vertically
– Zoom out horizontally
Option+- – Zoom out vertically
Shift+R – Repeat previous command with clicking OK
Command+R – Repeat previous command with not clicking OK
Shift+T – Open Convert sample type dialog box
Shift+P – Capture noise reduction profile
Up Arrow – Activate left channel for editing
Down Arrow – Activate right channel for editing
Command+Option+Up Arrow – Make display more logarithmic
Command+Option+Down Arrow – Make display more linear
Command+Option+PgUp – Make display full logarithmic
Command+Option+PgDn – Make display full linear
Shift+Command+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Increse/Decrese spectral resolution
Command+R – Repeat last command
Command+Shift+Select – Select the same input/output for all audio track
Command+Shift+Click – Activate or deactivate mute/solo/record tracks
Shift+Drag – Adjust Knob in large increment
Command+Drag – Adjust knob in small increment
Shift+Drag – Maintain time position
Command+Drag – Reposition envelop segment without Keyframe
Option+, – Nudge Selected clip to left
Option+Period – Nudge Selected clip to right
M/* – Add marker
Command+Option+Right Arrow – Move to next marker
Command+Option+Left Arrow – Move to previous marker
Command+G – Clip gain
Command+K – Split
Command+0 – Delete Selected marker
Command+Option+0 – Delete All Marker
/ – Rename selected marker
Command+A – Select all
Command+Shift+A – Deselect All
B – Spot Healing Brush
Shift+Del – Ripple delete selected clip
Option+Del – Time selection in selected clip
Command+Option+Del – Time selection in all track
Command+C – Copy
Option+Shift+C – Copy to new
D – Lasso selection tool
Del – Delete
E – Mark selection tool
Command+E – Edit original
Esc – Clear time selection
Shift+H – Zero crossing adjust left side to left
Shift+I – Zero crossing adjust selection inward
Shift+J – Zero crossing adjust left side to right
Command+C/Command+X/Command+V – Copy/Cut/Paste
Command+Shift+V – Mix Paste
Command+Z – Undo
Command+Shift+Z – Redo
F – Select frequency selection tool
R – Select rectangular marquee tool
S – Snapping enabled
Command+T – Crop
R – Razor tool
V – Move tool
Y – Slip tool
P – Paintbrush selection tool

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