macOS – Adobe Bridge Shortcut Keys

Adobe Bridge shortcut keys

macOS – Adobe Bridge Shortcut Keys

Adobe Bridge Shortcut Keys for macOS

Command+/ – Display Help
Tab – Show/Hide Panels
Command+\ – Next View
Command+Shift+\ – Previous View
Command+’ – Switch between 0 and 1 Star Rating
Command++/Command+- – Increase/Decrease Thumbnail size
Command+Shift++/Command+Shift+- – Step Thumbnail Size Up/down
Up Arrow – Move Up a Folder in Panel or Row
Down Arrow – Move Down a Folder in Panel or Row
Command+Up Arrow – Move Up a level in Folders Panel
Left Arrow – Move Left one item
Right Arrow – Move Right one item
Home – Move to First Item
End – Move to Last Item
F5 – Refresh Contents Panel
Command+Click – Add to Selection in Discontiguous Mode
Shift+Arrow Keys – Add an item to Selection
Tab – Rename Next
Shift+Tab – Rename Previous
Command+Option+1..5 – Show Items with Star 1..5 Rating or Higher
Command+Option+Shift+1..5 – Show Items with Selected Star Rating in Filter Panel
Command+Option+Shift+6..9 – Show Items with selected Star Rating in Filter Panel
Command+Option+6..9 – Show Items with Labels 1..4 in Filter Panel
Shift+Click – Show All Items with Selected Rating or Higher in Filter Panel
Command+Option+A – Clear Filters
Option+Click – Select Inverse in Filter Panel
Click – Display Loupe Tool in Preview Panel/Review Mode
Click/Drag – Move Loupe Tool
Click – Display Additional Loupes in Preview Panel
Command+Click – Move Multiple Loupe Tools Simultaneously
+/- – Zoom in/Zoom out with Loupe Tool
Command++/Command+- – Zoom in/Zoom out with Loupe Tool(Multiple Selection)
Option+Click – Select All Items in Stack
Shift+Click – Apply/Remove Current Keyword and Parent Keywords in Keywords Panel
Command+Right Arrow/Command+Left Arrow – Open/Close Disclosure Triangle in Keywords Panel

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