macOS – Adobe Captivate Shortcut Keys

macOS – Adobe Captivate Shortcut Keys

Adobe Captivate Shortcut Keys for macOS

F1 – Open Adobe Captivate Help
F2 – Rename the selected object
F3 – Test view the current slide
F4 – Preview the project
F5 – Record audio
F6 – Import audio
F7 – Perform a spelling and grammar check
Command+F11 – Preview the project in a web browser (HTML)
Command+F12 – Preview the project in a web browser (SWF)
Command+1 – 100%
Command+2 – 200%
Command+3 – 300%
Command+4 – 400%
Command+- – Zoom out
Command++ – Zoom in
Command+0 – Best Fit Zoom / Center Align Workspace
Command +R – Start/record new capture project
Command+Option+O – Record additional slides
Command+Enter – Stop recording
Delete – Delete the current selection
Command+F2 – Pause or resume recording
Command+F6 – Capture a screenshot manually
F4 – Preview project
F3 – Preview single slide
F2 – Edit caption text
F12 – Preview project in browser
Command+F4 – Auto panning
Command+F3 – Manual panning
Command+F7 – Stop panning
Command+F9 – Start Full Motion Recording
Command+F10 – Stop Full Motion Recording
Command+F11 – Snap recording window to mouse
Command+F12 – Toggle mouse capture
PgUp – Scroll to the previous slide
PgDn – Scroll to the next slide
Option+A – Create question pool
Option+Arrow Keys – Click the object, click a resize handle, and use these options to resize the object in the selected direction by 1 pixel
Command+A – Select all
Command+B – Find audio in the Library/Change text to Bold
Command+C – Copy (slide in Filmstrip, and selected object on stage)
Command+E – Extend the length of the object display time to the end of the slide on the Timeline
Command+F – Find/replace a particular object in the project Library
Command+I – Increase the indent (selected object on stage)/Change text to Italics. Indentation is equal to the grid size.
Command+L – Sync the selected object to the playhead
Command+M – Merge the selected object with the background
Command+N – Open new project
Command+O – Open the project
Shift+Option+R – Insert a random question slide
Command+R – Start/record new capture project
Command+S – Save
Command+T – Open project template
Command+V – Paste what is on the clipboard (for example, slide, image, object, and so on)
Command+W – Close the project
Command+X – Cut (selected object on stage)
Command+Y – Redo
Command+Z – Undo
Command+Enter – Preview the project
Command+Option+A – Export PowerPoint slides as animation
Command+Option+B – Show or hide Filmstrip
Command+Option+C – Show the Closed Captioning dialog box
Command+Option+D – Update the Library
Command+Option+E – Edit points of polygon drawing object
Command+Option+F – Find in the Library
Command+Option+G – Create a slide group and autoadjust the rollover area
Command+Option+H – Hide the selected object
Command+Option+I – Find PowerPoint slides in the Library
Command+Option+J – Edit PowerPoint slides
Command+Option+K – Lock the selected object
Command+Option+L – Show or hide the Library
Command+Option+M – Insert master slide
Command+Option+N – Show slide notes
Command+Option+O – Record additional slides
Command+Option+P – Remove a slide group.
Command+Option+Q – Show the Question Pools Manager
Command+Option+T – Show or hide the Timeline
Command+Option+U – Library usage

Command+Option+V – Import video file
Command+Option+X – Show/hide the SWF-Commenting pane
Command+Option+Z – Show/hide the Widget panel
Shift+F7 – Show objects style manager
Command+, – Preferences dialog box
Command+Shift+F9 – Actions dialog box
Command+Shift+F10 – Table of contents
Command+Shift+F11 – Skin Editor panel
Command+Shift+F12 – Publish the file
Shift+A – Insert Animation placeholder
Shift+F – Insert Flash video placeholder
Shift+R – Insert rollover caption placeholder
Shift+O – Insert rollover image placeholder
Shift+C – Insert Text Caption placeholder
Shift+V – Insert video place holder
Shift+M – Insert Image placeholder
Option+Q – Insert Question slide placeholder
Shift+X – Insert Text Animation placeholder
Shift+Option+A – Show Audio Management panel
Shift+Option+W – Close all the open projects
Shift+Option+O – Insert recording slide placeholder
Shift+Option+P – Import Photoshop file
Shift+Option+S – Show Speech Management panel
Shift+Option+V – Paste as Background
Shift+Option+Arrow keys – Click the object, click a resize handle, and use these options to resize the object in the selected direction by 10 pixel
Shift+Command+A – Add an animation object
Shift+Command+B – Add a new button
Shift+ Ctrl+C – Add a new text caption
Command+Shift+D – View slide properties
Command+Shift+E – Insert a new zoom area
Command+Shift+F – Insert an FLV file
Command+Shift+H – Hide/show slide
Command+Shift+I – Decrease the indent
Command+Shift+J – Insert a blank slide
Command+Shift+K – Add a new click box
Command+Shift+L – Insert a highlight box
Command+Shift+M – Add a new image
Command+Shift+N – Add a new animation slide
Command+Shift+O – Add a new rollover image
Command+Shift+P – Import PPT
Command+Shift+Q – Insert a question slide
Command+Shift+R – Insert a rollover caption
Command+Shift+S – Save the project with different name
Command+Shift+T – Insert a text entry box
Command+Shift+U – Insert the mouse
Command+Shift+W – Insert a widget
Command+Shift+X – Insert a text animation
Command+Shift+Y – Copy the background
Command+Shift+Z – Insert Slidelet
Command+Shift+Option+B – Show Branching View
Command+Shift+Option+S – Insert an image slide
Command+Shift+Option+E – Show/Hide effects panel
Command+Shift+V – Insert stencil slides
Command+Shift+G – Edit gradient

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