macOS – Adobe Dreamweaver Shortcut Keys

Adobe Dreamweaver shortcut keys

macOS – Adobe Dreamweaver Shortcut Keys

Adobe Dreamweaver Shortcut Keys for macOS

Command+E – Quick Edit
Command+K – Quick Doc
Command+Shift+Enter – Open/Add Line Above
Command+Shift+Spacebar – Show Parameter Hint
Option+Click+Drag – Multi-cursor column / Rectangular selection
Command+Click – Multi-cursor discontiguous selection
Command+Spacebar – Show code hints
Command+] – Select Child
Command+G – Go to Line
Command+[ – Select Parent Tag
Command+Shift+C – Collapse Selection
Command+Option+C – Collapse Outside Selection
Command+Shift+E – Expand Selection
Command+Shift+J – Collapse Full Tag
Command+Option+J – Collapse Outside Full Tag
Command+Option+E – Expand All
Command+Shift+> – Indent Code
Command+Shift+< – Outdent Code
Command+’ – Balance Braces
Command+Option+N – Code Navigator
Command+Delete – Delete word left
Command+Delete+Fn – Delete word right
Shift+Up Arrow – Select line up
Shift+Down Arrow – Select line down
Shift+Left Arrow – Character select left
Shift+Right Arrow – Character select right
Shift+PgUp+Fn – Select to page up
Shift+PgDn+Fn – Select to page down
Option+Left Arrow – Move word left
Option+Right Arrow – Move word right
Command+Left Arrow – Move to start of current line
Command+Right Arrow – Move to end of current line
Command+/ – Toggle line comment
Ctrl+Shift+/ – Toggle block comment (for PHP and JS files)
Command+D – Duplicate line selection
Command+Shift+D – Delete line (s)
Command+J – Jump to definition (JS files)
Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow – Select word right
Command+Shift+Left Arrow – Select word left
Command+Fn+Left Arrow – Move to top of file
Command+Fn+Right Arrow – Move to end of file
Command+Shift+Fn+Left Arrow – Select to start of file
Command+Shift+Fn+Right Arrow – Select to end of file
Command+Option+` – Go to Source Code
Command+W – Close Window
Command+Q – Quit Application
Command+T – Quick Tag Editor
Command+Right Arrow – Go to Next Word
Command+Left Arrow – Go to Previous Word
Command+Up Arrow – Go to Previous Paragraph (Design View)
Command+Down Arrow – Go to Next Paragraph (Design View)
Command+Shift+Right Arrow – Select Until Next Word
Command+Shift+Left Arrow – Select from Previous Word
Command+Shift+Up Arrow – Select from Previous Paragraph
Command+Shift+Down Arrow – Select Until Next Paragraph
Command+Option+Fn+Down Arrow – Move to next property pane
Command+Option+Fn+Up Arrow – Move to previous property pane
Command+Shift+N – New in same window
Command+Return – Exit Paragraph
Command+Tab – Next Document
Command+Shift+` – Previous Document
Command+Shift+3 – Surround with #
Command+Shift+N – New File
Command+Option+Shift+N – New Folder
Command+F – Find in Current Document
Command+Shift+F – Find and Replace in Files
Command+Alt+H – Replace in Current Document
Command+G – Find Next
Command+Shift+G – Find Previous
Command+Ctrl+G – Find All and Select
Command+Ctrl+R – Add Next Match to Selection
Command+Option+Ctrl+R – Skip and Add Next Match to Selection
Command+Option+I – Insert Image
Command+Option+Shift+V – Insert HTML5 Video
Command+Option+Shift+E – Insert Animated Composition
Command+Option+F – Insert Flash SWF
Shift+Return – Insert Line Break
F9 – Compile CSS Preprocessors
Command+Option+Shift+= – Add CSS selector or property which ever panel is in focus
Command+Option+S – Add CSS selector
Command+Option+P – Add CSS property
Command+; – Show Guides
Command+Option+; – Lock Guides
Command+Shift+; – Snap to Guides
Command+Shift+G – Guides Snap to Elements
Command+Option+G – Show Grid
Command+Option+Shift+G – Snap to Grid
Command+Option+R – Show Rulers
Option+F12 – Real-time Preview in Primary Browser
Shift+F12 – Preview in Secondary Browser
F6 – Freeze JavaScript (Live View)
Command+Ctrl+H – Hide Live View Displays
Command+` – Switch Views
Option+Shift+F11 – Inspect (Live View)
Command+Shift+I – Hide all visual aids (Design View)
Command+Shift+F11 – Toggle between Design and Live View
Command+U – Preferences
F4 – Show Panels
Shift+F4 – Behaviors
Option+F10 – Code Inspector
Command+F11 – CSS Designer
Command+F7 – DOM
F8 – Files
Command+F2 – Insert

Command+F3 – Properties
Shift+F6 – Output
F7 – Search
F1 – Dreamweaver Online Help
Command+Option+] – Indent
Command+Option+[ – Outdent
Command+B – Bold
Command+I – Italic
Shift+F7 – Spell Check
Command+Shift+L – Remove Link
Command+= – Zoom in (Design and Live View)
Command+- – Zoom Out (Design and Live View)
Command+0 – 100%
Command+Option+5 – 50%
Command+Option+2 – 200%
Command+Option+3 – 300%
Command+Option+0 – Fit Selection
Command+Shift+0 – Fit All
Command+Option+Shift+0 – Fit Width
Command++ – Increase Font Size
Command+- – Decrease Font Size
Command+0 – Restore Font Size
Command+Option+T – Insert Table
Command+Option+M – Merge Cells
Command+Option+Shift+T – Split Cell
Command+M – Insert Row
Command+Shift+A – Insert Column
Command+Shift+M – Delete Row
Command+Shift+- – Delete Column
Command+Shift+] – Increase Column Span
Command+Shift+[ – Decrease Column Span
Command+Option+D – Get File
Command+Option+Shift+D – Check out File
Command+Shift+U – Put File
Command+Option+Shift+U – Check in File
Command+F8 – Check Links Sitewide
Command+Shift+T – Show Page Titles

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