macOS – Apple Keynote Shortcut Keys

Apple Keynote Shortcut keys

macOS – Apple Keynote Shortcut Keys

Apple Keynote Shortcut Keys for macOS

Command+Shift+N – Create new documnet
Command+T – Display font window
Command+Shift+R – Show.hide format bar
Command+Shift+C – Display colors window
Command+Option+I – Display Inspector window
Command+R – Display Rulers
Command+>/Command+< – Zoom in/Zoom out
Command+? – Keynote Help
Command+Option+T – Show/hide toolbar
Three finger swipte left to right – Advance to next slide(Presenter mode)
Shift+Three finger swipe right to left – Advance to previous slide
Three finger swipe right to left – Go back to previous slide
Pinch Open/Close – Zoom selected object
Pinch Open/Close – Adjust font size for selecte text
Two finger rotate – Rotate selected object
Shift+Two finger rotate – Constrain rotation of selected object
Command+Shift+D – Show/hide chart data editor
Return – Complete a cell entry and move the selection down
Shift+Return – Complete a cell entry and move the selection up
Tab – Complete a cell entry and move the selection right
Shift+Tab – Complete a cell entry and move the selection left
Arrow Keys – Move one character/one lines
Enter – Complete a cell entry and select the cell
Arrow keys – Move one cell in given direction
Home – Move to the begining
End – Move to the end
Shift+Arrow Keys – Extend the selection by one character/cell/line
Shift+Home – Extend the selection to the beginning of the row
Shift+End – Extend the selection to the end of the row
Option+Up Arrow – Add a row above the selected cells
Option+Right Arrow – Add a column right the selected cells
Option+Down Arrow – Add a row below the selected cells
Option+Left Arrow – Add a column left the selected cells
Del – Delete selected object
Hold Option and Drag – Duplicate table on move
Shift+Drag – Constrain the movement of the table
Drag cell – Switch contents of cells
Double Click cell – Select cell
Return – In Text edit mode
Command+Return – Stop editing cell
Shift+Click border – Add border to selection
Option+Drag cells – Copy contents of cells
Shift+Click in destination cell – Extend selection of cells to destination cell
Command+Click selected/unselected cell – Add cell to selection
Double Click border – Select border
Double Click border segment – Add border segment
Drag selected border – Move border to new position
Arrow Key – Move object one pixel
Shift+Arrow Keys – Move object Ten pixels
Arrow Keys – Select the next table cell
Tab – Select next cell
Shift+Tab – Selected Previous cell
Command+Return twice – Stop editing table and select table
Ctrl+Click table – Open table formatting menu
Command+K – Cycle through absoluteness of selected references
Command+Option+K – Cycle through absoluteness of selected references of start an d end of cell
= – Open formula editor
=/Return/Enter – Open formula editor for cell containing formula
Return/Enter/Click Accept – Save changes
Esc/Click Cancel – Discard Changes
Option+Shift+Arrow keys – Extend/Shrink cell references
Option+Command+Arrow Keys – Navigate to first or last nonheader cell
Option+Return – Change a selected cell references
Option+Return – Insert line break
Option+Tab – Insert a tab
Double Click shape – Make shape editable
Click point and Drag – MOve a point of editable shape
Click point+Del – Delete a point of an editable shape
Option+Click shape border – Add a point to editable shape
Double click corner point – Change a corner point of an editable shape into curved point
Double Click curved point – Make Curved to corner point
Click point andMove control handles – Reshape the curve editable shape
Tab – Next object
Shift+Tab – Previous object
Arrow Keys – Move by one pixel
Shift+Arrow Keys – Move by Ten pixel
Drag – Resize

Shift+Drag – Resize from center
Command+Drag – Rotate object
Command+Shift+Drag – Rotate object 45
Ctrl+Click – Open Shortcut menu
Command+Shift+M – Mask/Umnask Image
Return – Exit mask mode
Command+D – Duplicate object
Command+Shift+B – Send object to back
Command+Shift+F – Bring object front
Command+Option+G – Group objects
Command+Option+Shift+G – Ungroup objects
Command+L – Lock objects
Command+Shift+V – Choose object to insert
Command+Option+V – Unlock object
Double Cick – Select a word
Triple click – Select a paragraph
Shift+Arrow Keys – Extend Select by characters
Command++/Command+- – Increase/Decrease font size
Home – Scroll to top of canvas
End – Scroll to end of canvas
Click bullet – Select text bullet
Select bullet and Drag – Move bullet and text with all other objects
Command+Option+P – Play Slideshow
Option+Click – Play from beginning
N – Go to next build
Shift+Left Arrow – Go to previous build
Shift+Down Arrow – Go to next slide
P – Go to previous slide
Home – Go to first slide
End – Go to last slide
Z – Go back through visited slides
F – Pause and show current slide
Any Key – Resume
B – Pause and show black screen
W – Pause and show white screen
C – Show/hide pointers
+ – Go to next slide(Slide Switcher)
– Go to previous slide(Slide Switcher)
Esc – Close slide switcher
R – Reset the timer
U – Scroll notes up in presenter display
D – Scroll notes down in presenter display
Q – Quit Presentation

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