macOS – Apple Mail Shortcut Keys

Apple Mail Shortcut Keys

macOS – Apple Mail Shortcut Keys

Apple Mail Shortcut Keys for macOS

Command+Down Arrow – Archive an email message
Command+B – Bold
Option+Shift+N – Compose a new email message
Delete – Delete a selected message or folder
Shift+Command+L – Flag or unflag email
Command+] – Indent items in a list
Command+I – Italic
Command+= – Make font size bigger
Command+- – Make font size smaller
Shift+Command+J – Mark email as Junk or Not Junk
Shift+Command+U – Mark email as Read or Unread
Return – Open the selected message in a new window
Command+[ – Outdent items in a list
Command+P – Print
Shift+Command+Z – Redo changes to an email message
Shift+Command+R – Reply to sender
Command+S – Save as a draft
Spacebar – Scroll through the selected messages
Command+A – Select all email messages
Shift+Command+D – Send email message
Shift+Command+R – Toggle between Reply and Reply All
Command+U – Underline
Command+Z – Undo changes to an email message
Command+N – New Message
Command+Shift+D – Send Message
Command+S – Save Draft
Command+Shift+F – Forward Message
Command+Shift+A – Attach File
Command+Option+B – Show/Hide bcc field
Command+Shift+L – Flag Message
Command+R – Reply to Message
Command+Shift+R – Reply to All
Command+Option+T – Move message to same box you just did
Command+Shift+U – Mark as read/unread
Command+Shift+J – Mark as junk mail
Command+Option+U – View raw message content
Command+T – Show fonts panel
Command+Shift+C – Show colors panel
Command+Shift+] – Align Right
Command+Shift+[ – Align Left
Command+Shift+| – Align Center
Command+Option+C – Copy Style
Command+Option+V – Paste Style
Command+Shift+; – Check Spelling
Command+Shift+N – Get New Mail
Command+O – Open message viewer
Command+Shift+Y – Add sender to address book
Command+E – Use selected text in search
Command+1 – Go to Inbox
Command+Option+F – Jump to search field
Command+2..9 – Go to other items in favourites
Command+Option+L – Apply Rule to selected message

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