macOS – Apple Photos Shortcut Keys

Apple Photos Shortcut Keys

macOS – Apple Photos Shortcut Keys

Apple Photos Shortcut Keys for macOS

Home – Move to the top of the photo library
End – Move to the bottom of the photo library
Command+N – Create new album
Shift+Command+N – Create new album from selection
Option+Command+N – Create new Smart Album
Shift+Command+T – Show or hide titles
Shift+Command+K – Show or hide keywords
Shift+Command+F – Show or hide film rolls
Hold down the Option key and click the triangle next to any film roll – Show or hide all film roll photos
Shift+Command+R – Show or hide ratings
Shift+Command+B – Set the title, date, or comments of multiple photos
Command+K – Assign, edit, or search by keywords
Command+I – Show a photo’s image and camera information
Command+D – Duplicate a photo
Command+X – Cut photo
Command+C – Copy photo
Command+V – Paste photo
Delete – Move photo to Trash from the photo library, or remove photo from album
Command+Option+Delete – Move photo to Trash from album
Double+click the photo – Open photo in its own window or in edit view (depends on the double+click preference you set)
Option+double+click the photo – Reverse double+click preference when opening a photo
Command+0 – Assign zero stars to a photo
Command+1 – Assign zero stars to a photo
Command+2 – Assign zero stars to a photo
Command+3 – Assign zero stars to a photo
Command+4 – Assign zero stars to a photo
Command+5 – Assign zero stars to a photo
Shift+Command+I – Import photos
Command+R – Rotate photo clockwise
Option+Command+R – Rotate photo counter clockwise
Right Arrow key – Go to next photo
Left Arrow key – Go to previous photo
Press the Command key while dragging – Disable constrain setting when selecting an area
Press the Option key while dragging – Switch between portrait and landscape constrain setting when selecting an area
Double+click the photo – Return to organize view
Command+Z – Undo last action
Shift+Command+Z – Redo last action
Click the photo – Select a single photo
Command+A – Select all photos
Hold down the Shift key and click the non+adjacent photo – Select all photos between the current selection and a non+adjacent photo
Select the first photo, then hold down the Command key and click additional photos – Select photos that are non+adjacent to each other
Click outside the photos and drag to enclose them within the selection rectangle – Select several photos located together
Click the film roll icon – Select all photos in a film roll
Hold down the Command key and click the photos you want to deselect – Deselect specific photos in a group of selected photos
Shift+Command+A or click outside a photo – Deselect all photos
Press the mouse button – Stop a slideshow
Press the Space bar – Pause and resume playing
Use the Up and Down Arrow keys – Adjust the speed
Use the Right and Left Arrow keys – Move through a slideshow manually
Press 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 – Rate photos
Command+P – Print
Shift+Command+P – Page setup
Select the first page you want changed and press the Optionkey when choosing a design from the Page Design pop+up menu – Apply a page design through the end of a book
Command+T – Show fonts
Command+3 – Copy font
Command+4 – Paste font
Command+: (colon) – Spelling
Right Arrow key/Left Arrow key – Move forward/Back one page
Command+, (comma) – Show preferences
Command+? – iPhoto Help
Command+W – Close window
Command+M – Minimize window
Command+H – Hide iPhoto
Command+Q – Quit iPhoto

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