macOS – Aptana Studio Shortcut Keys

Aptana Studio Shortcut Keys

macOS – Aptana Studio Shortcut Keys

Aptana Studio Shortcut Keys for macOS

Command+M – Maximize Window
Command+Shift+L – Shortcut Key prompt
Command+Shift+W – Close Current Tab Window
Command+F6 – Next Editor Tab
Command+Shift+F6 – Previous Editor Tab
Command+F7 – Next view
Command+Shift+F7 – Previous View

Command+Right Arrow – Next Word
Command+Left Arrow – Previous Word
Command+, – Next
Command+Home – Jump to Beginning of File
Command+End – Jump to End of File
Command+Up Arrow – Scroll Up
Command+Down Arrow – Scroll Down
Option+Up Arrow – To Move Up
Option+Down Arrow – To Move Down
Command+D – Delete Rows
Command+Delete – Delete A Word
Command+Del – Delete Word from Left Side
Command+Shift+Delete – Delete to End of line
Shift+Home – Select to Beginning of Line
Shift+End – Select to End of Line
Command+Shift+Left Arrow – Select Word towards Left
Command+Shift+Right Arrow – Select Word towards Right
Command+K – Find Next
Command+Shift+K – Find Previous
Command+F – Search
Command+H – Replace
Command+Option+G – In Workspace Search
Command+L – Hump to Line
Command+Q – Jump to Last Edit
Command+Z – Undo
Command+Y – Redo
Command+S – Preservation
Command+Shift+S – Save All
Command+Option+Up Arrow – To copy rows above
Command+Option+Down Arrow – To copy rows below
Command+Option+J – MultiLine
Command+Shift+F – Format
Command+Shift+Y – Convert to Lowercase
Command+Shift+X – Convert to Uppercase
Command+Option+/ – Automatic Word Completion
Command+Enter – Wrap
Command+/ – Notes

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