macOS – Atom (text editor) Shortcut Keys

Atom(text editor) Shortcut Keys

macOS – Atom (text editor) Shortcut Keys

Atom (text editor) Shortcut Keys for macOS

Command+, – Preferences
Command+Shift+P – Toggle command palette
Command+B – Browse list of open files
Command+Option+R – Reload Atom
Command+Shift+L – Change synatx highlighting
Option+Shift+S – Show available code snippets
Command+Shift+M – Markdown preview
Command+Option+I – Toggle Developer Tools
Command+N – New file
Command+Shift+N – New Window
Command+P – Open file (type the name to perform a search)
Command+O – Open file
Command+Shift+O – Open folder
Command+S – Save
Command+Shift+S – Save as
Command+W – Close tab
Command+Shift+W – Close window
Command+G – Go to line
Command+L – Select line
Command+Shift+D – Duplicate line
Command+Shift+K – Delete line
Command+Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Move line up/down
Command+/ – Toggle comment line
Command+Return – New line below
Command+[/] – Indent / outdent selected lines
Command+J – Join lines
Option+B/F – Move to beginning / end of current word
Option+Shift+B/F – Select to beginning / end of current word
Command+Del/Option+H – Delete to beginning of current word
Command+Delete/Option+D – Delete to end of current word
Command+Option+. – Complete bracket
Command+M – Go to matching bracket
Command+Option+M – Select code inside matching brackets
Command+K thenCommand+1 … 9 – Fold all code at indent level 1 … 9
Command+Option+/ – Fold / unfold code
Command+Option+F – Fold selected code
Command+Option+[/] – Fold / unfold all code
Command+F – Find in current file
Command+Shift+F – Find in project
F3 – Find next
Shift+F3 – Find previous
Command+Enter – Replace all
Command+Option+/ – Use Regex in search
Command+Option+C – Match case in search
Command+Option+S – Search only in selection
Command+Option+W – Match whole word
Command+Shift+=/- – Increase / decrease text size
Command+0 – Reset text size
F11 – Toggle fullscreen
Command+0/Option+\ – Toggle focus Tree View
Command+K then B or Command+\ – Toggle tree view
J/K – Select next/previous item
H/L OR Arrow Right/Arrow Left – Expand / collapse selected directory
Option+Arrow Left/Arrow Right/Command+Option+[/] – Recursively expand / collapse directories
Return – Open selected item
M/F2 – Move selected item
Del/Delete – Delete current item
D – Duplicate selected item
Command+1 … 9 – Open selected item in pane 1 … 9
A – Add new file
Shift+A – Add new folder
I – Toggle display of VCS ignored files
Option+G, then B – Open on Github: blame
Option+G, then C – Open on Github: copy-url
Option+G, then G – Open on Github: repository
Option+G, then H – Open on Github: history
Option+G, then I – Open on Github: issues
Option+G, then O – Open on Github: file
Option+G, then R – Open on Github: branch-compare
Option+G, then D – Toggle list of diffs in file
Option+G, thenArrow Down/Arrow Up – Move to next/previous diff in file

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