macOS – Autodesk Mudbox Shortcut Keys

Autodesk Mudbox Shortcut Keys

macOS – Autodesk Mudbox Shortcut Keys

Autodesk Mudbox Shortcut Keys for macOS

Option+Drag – Rotate the camera
Option+Middle Drag – Track the camera
Option+Right Drag – Dolly the camera
Option+Shift+Middle Drag – Roll the camera
F – Focus on a location on the model
A – Frame All
E+Drag – Rotate an image plane
E+Middle Drag – Track/transform an image plane
E+Right Drag – Adjust the depth property for an image plane
Command+C – Create a curve
Return – End a Curve
C+Drag – Rotate a curve
C+Middle Drag – Translate a curve
C+Right Drag – Scale a curve
Command+Shift+H – Hide All Curves
U – Show All
H – Hide Selected
Ctrl+Shift+H – Hide All Curves
Command+U – Show Selected
U – Show All
Shift+L – Flat Lighting
W – Wireframe
Shift+B – Show Both Sides
L+Drag – Light Direction
Command+T – Full Screen
T – Expert Mode
Command+Z – Undo
Shift+Z – Redo
Delete – Delete
Shift+F – Lock Mesh
Command+Shift+F – Unlock Mesh
Shift+M – Freeze Selected
Shift+I – Invert Freeze
Shift+U – Unfreeze All
Command+N – Create a new scene
Command+O – Open a scene
Command+S – Save current scene
Command+Shift+S – Save Scene As
Option+E – Export an image of the current 3D View as a paint layer to Photoshop (.psd)
Option+R – Re-import a paint layer (image) of the 3D View updated in Photoshop.
Command+Q – Exit
F1 – View Mudbox Help
+/- – Brighten or darken HDR image
0 – Reset HDR image
1, 2, or 3 – View discrete color channels for an image
Command++/Command+- – Zoom in and out on an image
Option+Drag – Pan around an image
Spacebar – Next image
Backspace – Previous image
X+Drag – Rotate the model
X+Middle Drag – Track the model
X+Right Drag – Scale the model
B+Drag – Adjust brush size
M+Drag – Adjust brush strength
Ctrl+M – Adjust color
] – Increase brush size in steps
[ – Decrease brush size in steps
– Increase brush strength in steps
; – Decrease brush strength in steps
0..9 – Select tools from left to right on the current tool tray.
Ctrl – Invert Function
Shift – Activate the Smooth or Blur tool temporarily
Shift – Turn on the Smooth Values property temporarily to smooth color applied with Freeze or Mask.
Command+\ – Toggle Falloff
Shift+Option+X – Mirror X
Shift+Option+Y – Mirror Y
Shift+Option+Z – Mirror Z
I – Sample color in the 3D View
Shift+Option+T – Mirror Tangent
Shift+Option+O – Mirror Off
Option+T – Flatten to UV Space, Unflatten from UV Space
Command+A – Select All
Command+Shift+I – Invert Face Selection
Command+D – Deselect All
Command+] – Grow Selection
Shift+A – Select Level
Shift+S – Select Face
Left Arrow+Middle Drag – Drag Rectangle
0..9 – Select tools from left to right on the current tool tray.
S+Drag – Rotate
S+Middle Drag – Translate
S+Right Drag – Scale
Q – Activate/Deactivate
Shift+D – Add Subdivision Level
PgUp – Step Level Up
PgDn – Step Level Down
Command+V – Set Topological Axis
Up Arrow – Show/Hide Texture File
Ctrl+Down Arrow – Hide all texture tiles
Ctrl+Up Arrow – Show all texture tiles
– Composite paint strokes
Command+M – Open Adjust Color window

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