macOS – Brackets Shortcut Keys

Brackets Shortcut Keys

macOS – Brackets Shortcut Keys

Brackets Shortcut Keys for macOS

Command++/Command+- – Zoom in/Zoom out Font
Command+0 – Go to Default
Command+Alt+P – Live Preview
Command+Shift+C – Live Preview Highlight
Command+Shift+H – Hide/Show Sidebar
Command+Shift+O – Quick Open
Command+O – Open File
Command+W – Close Current File
Command+Shift+W – Close All File
Command+N – New File
Command+Alt+R – Switch Project
F2 – Rename Current File
Command+C – Copy
Command+X – Cut
Command+V – Paste
Command+D – Duplicate
Command+/ – Single lIne Comment
Command+Enter – Add New Line After Current Line
Command+Shift+Enter – Add New Line Before Current Line
Arrow Keys – Movement
Alt+Right Arrow – Move to Next Word
Alt+Left Arrow – Move to Previous Word
Command+Right Arrow – Move to End of Line
Command+Left Arrow – Move to Beginning of Line
Command+Up Arrow – Move to Beginning of File
Command+Down Arrow – Move to End of File
Command+Alt+Up Arrow – Scroll Up
Command+Alt+Down Arrow – Scroll Down
Command+A – Select All
Command+B – Select Current Word
Command+Shift+Left Arrow – Select to Beginning of Line
Command+Shift+Right Arrow – Select to End of Line
Command+Shift+Up Arrow – Select to Beginning of File
Command+Shift+Down Arrow – Select to End of File
Shift+Right Arrow – Select Next Character
Shift+Left Arrow – Select Previous Character
Shift+Up Arrow – Select previous line
Shift+Down Arrow – Select next Line
Command+Ctrl+Up Arrow – Move current line/Selection Up
Command+Ctrl+Down Arow – Move Current Line/Selection down
Command+] – Indent Right
Command+[ – Indent Left
Tab – Indent Right
Shift+Tab – Indent Left
Command+E – Quick edit
Alt+Up Arrow – Go to Next Rule in List
Alt+Down Arrow – Go to Previous Rule in List
Esc – Close Quick Edit
Command+N – Create New Rule
Command+F – Find
Command+Alt+F – Replace
Command+G – Find Next
Command+Shift+F – Find in Files
Command+Shift+Alt+F – Replace in Files
Command+B – Add Next match to your selection
Command+U – Undo selection
Command+Shift+U – Redo Selection
Command+Click – Add to Your Selection
Command+Shift+B – Skip and Add Next match
Command+Ctrl+G – Find All and Select
Alt+Shift+Up Arrow – Add Cursor to Previous Line
Alt+Shift+Down Arrow – Add Cursor to next Lines
Command+Alt+L – Split Selection into Lines
Esc – Switch to Single Selection
Command+K – Quick Documents
Command+L – Go to Line
Command+T – Go to Definition
Command+Shift+O – Quick Open
Command+J – Jump to Definition
Command+E – Quick edit

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