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BrainSuite Shortcut Keys

macOS – BrainSuite Shortcut Keys

macOS – BrainSuite Shortcut Keys

BrainSuite Shortcut Keys for macOS

I – Show Image Display Toolbox
S – Show Surface Display Toolbox
M – Show masking Tool (Delineation Toolbox)
P – Show Painter Tool (Delineation Toolbox)
C – Show Curve Toolbox
D – Show Diffusion Toolbox
Command+A – Autoscale images
Command+B – Back/ Show previous surface
Command+F – Forward/ Show next surface
Command+G – Toggle Debug Keys
Command+L – Toggle ROI Labels
Command+R – Toggle first overlay volume on/off
Command+M (uppercase M) – Cycle Mask mode
Command+m (lowercase m) – Toggle Mask on/off
Command+S – Toggle show Surfaces
Command+V – Toggle show Volume slices in 3D view
Command+X – Toggle show cursors
Command+Z – Undo last paint action
+/- – Zoom In/ Out
* – Zoom Best Fit
/ – Zoom to 1:1 (in smallest pixel dimension)
L – Toggle lighting for 3D view
G – Toggle tensor glyphs on/off
O – Toggle ODF glyphs on/off
F – Toggle Fibers on/off
W – Toggle Wire frame mode for surfaces
X – Cycle X-plane clipping (off, positive, negative)
Y – Cycle Y-plane clipping (off, positive, negative)
Z – Cycle Z-plane clipping (off, positive, negative)
h (lower case h) – Reset clipping mode and position
Alt+1 – Rotate 3D view to xy view (axial, from superior)
Alt+2 – Rotate 3D view to xy view (axial, from inferior)
Alt+3 – Rotate 3D view to xz view (coronal, from posterior
Alt+4 – Rotate 3D view to xz view (coronal, from anterior)
Alt+5 – Rotate 3D view to yz view (sagittal, from right)
Alt+6 – Rotate 3D view to yz view (sagittal, from left)
1 – Show Connectivity for Cortical Areas
2 – Show Connectivity for Frontal Lobe
3 – Show Connectivity for Parietal Lobe
4 – Show Connectivity for Temporal Lobe
5 – Show Connectivity for Occipital Lobe
6 – Show Connectivity for Subcortical Areas
7 – Show Connectivity for Brain Areas
8 – Show Connectivity for All Labeled Regions (includes white matter, ventricles, etc).

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macOS – BrainSuite Shortcut Keys

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