macOS – Cloud9 Shortcut Keys

Cloud9 Shortcut Keys

macOS – Cloud9 Shortcut Keys

Cloud9 Shortcut Keys for macOS

Ctrl+C – Abort CLI Command
Shift++/- – Font Larger/ Smaller
Command+, – Open Settings Panel
Command+U – Open Tree Panel
Command+Shift+E – Outline
Shift+Command+L – Reveal File In File Tree
Command+C – Copy
Command+X – Cut
Command+V – Paste
Command+Z – Undo
Command+Shift+Z – Redo
Command+Shift+B – Beautify Text
Ctrl+Space – Complete
Command+Shift+D – Duplicate Selection
Option+Arrow Down/Arrow Up – Move Lines Down/ Up
Shift+Tab – Outdent
Command+Shift+/ – Toggle Block Comment
Command+/ – Toggle Comment
Ctrl+U – To Uppercase
Ctrl+Shift+U – To Lowercase
Ctrl+Option+Arrow Up – Add Cursor Above
Ctrl+Option+Arrow Down – Add Cursor Below
Ctrl+Option+Shift+Arrow Up – Add Cursor Above Skip Current
Ctrl+Option+Shift+Arrow Down – Add Cursor Below Skip Current
Ctrl+N – New File
Ctrl+Shift+Q – Revert to Saved
Command+S – Save
Command+Shift+S – Save As
Command+F – Find
Command+Shift+F – Find in Files
Command+G – Find Next
Command+Shift+G – Find Previous
Command+Home/End – Goto Start/ End
Command+E – Goto File/Navigate
Command+L – Goto Line
Command+Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Goto Line Start/ Send
Option+Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Goto Word Left/ Right
Command+D – Remove/ Delete Line
Ctrl+K – Remove to Line End
Command+Delete – Remove to Line Start
Option+Delete – Remove Word Left
Option+Delete – Remove Word Right
Command+A – Select All
Shift+Arrow Down/Arrow Up – Select Down/ Up
Shift+Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Select Left/ Right
Command+Shift+Arrow Down/Arrow Up – Select To End/ Start
Command+Shift+Arrow Right/Arrow Left – Select To Line End/ Start
Ctrl+Option+Arrow Right/Arrow Left – Select More After/ Before
Ctrl+Option+Shift+Arrow Right/Arrow Left – Select Next After/ Before
Option+Shift+Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Select Word Left/ Right
Option+W – Close Tab
Option+Shift+W – Close All Tabs
Option+Ctrl+W – Close All Tabs But This
Option+Tab – Next Tab
Option+Shift+Tab – Previous Tab
Ctrl+Esc – Toggle Console

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