macOS – CuteFTP Shortcut Keys

CuteFTP Shortcut Keys

macOS – CuteFTP Shortcut Keys

CuteFTP Shortcut Keys for macOS

Backspace – Move to parent folder
Number Pad + – Group select
Number Pad – – Group deselect
Number Pad * – Invert selection
Tab – Moves focus between tabs (documents) in the active pane group
Delete – Delete selected object
Esc – Cancel transfer
F1 – Help
F2 – Rename
F3 – Find next
F4 – Switch between Site Manager and Local Drives tabs
F5 – Refresh active pane
F8 – Display folder information
F9 – Cancel transfer
F10 – Switch between Log pane and Queue pane
F11 – Folder comparison options
F12 – Hide or display individual log window
Alt+Enter – Folder, file, or Site properties
Alt+Arrow Up – Move to parent folder
Alt+Arrow Down – Select drop-down arrow for active pane
Alt+Arrow Right – Show bookmark drop-down for remote pane
Alt+Arrow Left – Show bookmark drop-down for local pane
Alt+F7 – Display Global Options dialog box
Alt+0 – Toggle show Site Manager /Local Pane view
Alt+1 – Toggle show Queue /Log Pane
Alt+2 – Hide or display individual log window (same as F12)
Alt+3 – Toggle show status bar
Alt+Q – Exit
Command+A – Select All
Command+B – Bold Font (when in HTML editor), Browse offline (when a Site is selected in Site Manager pane)
Command+C – Copy
Command+D – Change remote folder
Command+E – Execute selected file
Command+F – Find
Command+H – Launch internal HTML editor
Command+I – Italic Font (when in HTML editor mode)
Command+J – Launch Connection wizard
Command+L – Filter
Command+M – Make new folder
Command+N – Opens the Site Properties dialog box in which you can define a new Site.
Command+O – Opens file on your computer.
Command+P – Print (when in HTML editor mode)
Command+Q – Add current path as new bookmark
Command+R – Reconnect to last connected Site
Command+T – Connects to Site selected in the Site Manager
Command+S – Save open document (HTML editor mode)
Command+U – Connect to URL or underline when HTML editor is active.
Command+V – Paste
Command+W – Opens selected file for editing
Command+X – Cut
Command+Y – Redo (When in HTML editor mode)
Command+Z – Undo (When in HTML editor mode)
Command+F4 – Close active pane
Command+F8 – Open/close the Quick Connect toolbar
Command+F9 – Folder Monitor Tool
Command+F10 – Folder Backup Tool
Command+F11 – Folder Synchronize Tool
Command+~ – Move focus between left, right and bottom panes
Command+Page Down – Download
Command+Page Up – Upload
Command+Tab – Move focus right to left among open connections and documents
Command+Enter – Edit selected file (also creates a line-break when in the integrated editor’s Find/Replace utility)
Command+Alt+T – Toggles Thumbnail view
Command+Shift+A – Add anchor (when in HTML editor mode)
Command+Shift+B – Change item queue order (place at bottom)
Command+Shift+C – Add comment (when in HTML editor mode)
Command+Shift+D – Change item queue order (move down one)
Command+Shift+I – Font dialog (when in HTML editor mode), Input RAW FTP command when in CuteFTP mode
Command+Shift+L – Clear entire log
Command+Shift+T – Change item queue order (move to top)
Command+Shift+U – Change item queue order (move up one)
Shift+F4 – Disconnect

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