macOS – Eclipse Helios Shortcut Keys

Eclipse Helios Shortcut Keys

macOS – Eclipse Helios Shortcut Keys

Eclipse Helios Shortcut Keys for macOS

Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow – Select Previous Element
Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow – Select Next Element
Shift+Option+Left Arrow – Select Previous Word
Shift+Option+Right Arrow – Select Next Word
Command+Option+A – Toggle Block Selection
Command+Shift+Left Arrow – Select Line to Start
Command+Shift+Right Arrow – Select Line to End
Command+D – Delete Line
Command+Shift+X – Uppercase
Command+Shift+Y – Lowercase
Shift+Enter – Insert Line Below current line
Command+Shift+Enter – Insert Line Above current line
Command+Shift+Del – Delete to End of Line
Command+Option+Up Arrow – Copy line above Current line
Command+Option+Down Arrow – Copy line below Current line
Option+Del – Delete Next Word
Option+Bkspace – Delete Previous Word
Option+Up Arrow – Move line Up
Option+Down Arrow – Move line Down
Ctrl+. – Complete the Word
Command+Shift+O – Organize Imports
Command+/ – Toggle Comment
Command+Left Arrow – Start line
Command+Right Arrow – End Line
Command+C/Command+X/Command+V – Copy /Cut/Paste Text
Command+E – Oprn Editor
Command+Ctrl+/ – Add Block Element
Command+Ctrl+\ – Remove Block Element
Command+Shift+F – Format
Command+Shift+M – Add Import
Command+Option+J – Add Javadoc Comment
Command+Option+O – Toggle Mark Ocurences
Command+Option+U – Remove Occurences Annotations
Command+Option+Z – Surround With Quick Menu
Command+2F – Assign to Field
Command+2L – Assign to Local Variable
Command+2R – Rename in File
Command+L – Go to Line
Command+O – Quick Outline
Command+F8 – Switching
F3 – Move Cursor to Declaration
Command+, – Go to Previous Problem
Command+Shift+P – With a bracket selected: jump to the matching closing or opening bracket
Command+Option+I – Inline
Command+Option+M – Extract Method
Command+Option+C – Charge Method Signature
Command+Option+L – Extract Local Variable
Command+Option+R – Rename Refactor
Command+Option+T – Show Refactor Quick Menu
Command+Option+V – Move Refactor
Command+Shift+K – Find Previous
Command+Shift+G – Search Refrences in workspace
Command+Shift+U – Show Occureences in File Quick Menu
Command+F – Find anf Replace
Command+Option+G – Find Text in WorkSpace
Ctrl+H – Open Search Dialog
Command+Ctrl+Option+DA – Debug Java Applet
Command+Ctrl+Option+DE – Debug Eclipse Application
Command+Ctrl+Option+DJ – Debug Java Application
Command+Ctrl+Option+DO – Debug OSGI Framework
Command+Ctrl+Option+DP – Debug Junit Plug-in Test
Command+Ctrl+Option+DQ – Debug Ant Build
Command+Ctrl+Option+DT – Debug Junit Test
Command+R – Run to Line
Shift+Option+DR – Debug on Server
Command+Option+XA – Run Java Applet
Command+Option+XE – Run Eclipse Application
Command+Option+XJ – Run Java Application
Command+Option+XO – Run OSGI Framework
Command+Option+XP – Run Junit Plug-in Test
Command+Option+XQ – Run Ant Build
Command+Option+XT – Run Junit Test
Shift+Option+XR – Run on Server
Command+. – Next Window
Command+1 – Quick Fix
Command+ – Backward History
Command+Q – Last Edit Location
Ctrl+D – End of File
Command+G – Declaration in Workspace
Option+N – New local task
Command+= – Zoom in
Command+Shift+R – Open Resource
Command+Shift+D – Display
Command+Shift+Option+M – Open Menifest
Command+Shift+I – Inspect
Command+Shift+M – Maximize Part of Task
Command+Shift+> – Previous Window
Command+Option+S – Display Source Quick Menu
Command+Option+F – Force Return
Command+Option+R – Show in….
Ctrl+Shift+Q – Quick Different Toggle
Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar – Context information
Ctrl+Spacebar – Content assist
Ctrl+Option+H – Open Call Hierarchy
Shift+Option+G – Generate Code
Shift+Option+S – Submit Task
Command+3 – Focus to Quick Access
Command+F11 – Run the Current Upload Java Classs
F4 – Show Type Hierarchy of Current java class
Command+M – Maximize Java editor
Command+Shift+P – Move Cursor to Matching Bracket
Shift+Option+C – Mark Task complete
Shift+Option+I – Mark Task Incomplete
Shift+Option+R – Mark as Read
Shift+Option+U – Mark as Unread
Shift+Option+Up Arrow – Mark as Read and Move to Previous
Shift+Option+Down Arrow – Mark as Unread and Move to Next
Shift+Option+N – New Subtask
Command+Enter – Open Selected Task
Option+Up Arrow – Go to Previous Unread Task
Option+Down Arrow – Go to Next Unread Task

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