macOS – FileMaker Pro Shortcut Keys

FileMaker Pro Shortcut Keys

macOS – FileMaker Pro Shortcut Keys

FileMaker Pro Shortcut Keys for macOS

Command+. – Cancel running script
Space – Click a selected button or popover button on a layout with the keyboard
Esc – Close dialog box
Command+W – Close a file
Option+Command+W – Close all files
Command+Q – Quit
Command+/ – Open Help
Command+O – Open a file
Option while opening the file – Use a specified account name and password to open a file
Command+Shift+O – Open a remote file
Command+Shift+D – Open the Manage Database dialog box
Command+Shift+F – Open the Find/Replace dialog box
Command+Shift+L – Open the Manage Layouts dialog box
Command+K – Open the Field Picker dialog box
Command+Enter – Add a new field in the Field Picker dialog box
Command+, – Open the Preferences dialog box
Command+P – Print
Command+Option+P – Print without the Print dialog box
Ctrl+Arrow Up/Ctrl+Arrow Down – Reorder items in a list box, such as Script steps, Fields, Parts
Command+S – Sort
Command+Z – Undo the last command
Command+Shift+S – Open the Manage Scripts dialog box
Command+S – Save a script
Command+1 through Command+0 – Perform one of the first ten scripts listed in the Scripts menu
Command+N – Create a record, request, or layout
Command+E – Delete a record, request, or layout
Command+Option+E – Delete a record without confirmation
Command+D – Duplicate a record, request, or layout object
Command+S – Save a layout
Tab/Shift+Tab – Move to next object / move to previous object (field, button, or tab)
Ctrl+Arrow Down/Ctrl+Arrow Up – Move to next / move to previous record, request, layout, or page
Arrow Right/Arrow Left – Move to nexst tab / move to previosu tab (When a tab is selected)
Command+W – Close a window
Command+Option+Z – Resize the window; full screen or previous size
Page Down/Page Up – Scroll the document down / up
Home/End – Scroll to the beginning / end of the document
Command+Option+S – Show or hide the status toolbar
Command+M – Minimize the current window
Command+H – Hide the FileMaker Pro application
Command+- – Inset current date
Command+; – Inset current time
Command+; – Inset The current time and date in a timestamp field
Command+Shift+N – Inset current user name
Command+I – Inset Information from the index
Command+’ – Insert Information from the last visited record
Command+Shift+’ – Inset Information from the last record and move to the next field
Command+Option+M – Merge fields
Command+V – Paste Text from the Clipboard
Command+Option+Shift+V – Paste Text without styles
Command+= – Replace a field’s value
Command+A – Select all fields
Shift+click each object, / drag the arrow pointer to make a box that includes the objects – Select multiple objects
Command+Option+A – Select objects of the same type when an object is selected
Up Arrow / Down Arrow – Select items in a list
Ctrl+Up Arrow,Ctrl+Arrow Down – Move a selected item in a list
Command+B – Switch to Browse mode
Command+F – Switch to Find mode
Command+L – Switch to Layout mode
Command+U – Switch to Preview mode
Command+N – Create a new record
Command+D – Duplicate a record
Command+E – Delete a record
Command+Option+E – Delete a record without confirmation
Command+R – Modify last find
Command+J – Show all records
Command+S – Sort records
Ctrl+Arrow Down/Ctrl+Arrow Up – Go to the next record / previous record
Esc (to activate the book icon), type the record number, then press Enter – Move to a specific record
Command+T – Omit a record
Command+Shift+T – Omit multiple records
Esc – Open or close a drop-down list or calendar for an active field
Command+P – Print records
Command+Option+P – Print records without dialog box
Command+Shift+R – Refresh a window
Command+Option+F – Activate the quick find box
Command+T – Select/deselect Omit button
Command+N – Create a new find request
Command+E – Delete a find request
Command+D – Duplicate a find request
Command+J – Show all records
Enter (disabled when a script is paused) – Perform a find request
Command+I – Paste from the index
Ctrl+Arrow Down/Ctrl+Arrow Up – Move to next find request / move to previous request
Escape (to activate the book icon), type the request number, then pressEnter – Move to a specific find request
Command+N – Create a new layout
Ctrl+Arrow Down/Ctrl+Arrow Up – Go to the next layout / previous layout
Escape (to activate the book icon), type the layout number, then press Enter – Move to a specific layout
Tab/Shift+Tab repeatedly until the desired object is selected. – Select an object on the layout
Shift as you click each object individually. – Select multiple objects
Command+1 to move to the Position tab of the Inspector. Then Tab to the desired sizing action and enter the size value you want. Press Enter on the numeric keypad to return to the Layout window. – Resize a selected object when the Inspector is open (click Inspector in the formatting bar)

Shift as you drag a handle. – Resize selected objects, keeping their proportions
Option+Shift as you drag a handle. The opposite edges of the objects remain fixed in the same position as you resize the objects. – Resize multiple objects, keeping the difference in their lengths or widths the same.
Command+Option+C – Copy the style of a selected object
Command+Option+V – Paste the style of another object
Command+Option+Arrow Left/ Arrow Right – Align left edges / Align right edges
Command+Option+Arrow Up/ Arrow Down – Align top edges / Align bottom edges
Command+Option+Shift+R – Show or hide rulers
Command+Option+Y – Show or hide the object grid
Command and drag the object’s handle – Turn off the snap-to effect for grid, guides, or dynamic guides while resizing an object
Command and drag the object – Turn off the snap-to effect for grid, guides, or dynamic guides while dragging an object
Command+Option+Shift+Y – Toggle snapping objects to the grid
Command+Option+; – Show or hide guides when creating or editing objects
Command+Option+Shift+; – Toggle snapping objects to guides
Command+Option+’ – Toggle dynamic guides when creating or editing objects
Command+Shift+[ / ] – Bring the selected object forward / backward
Command+Option+[ / ] – Bring the selected object to the front / to the back
Command and click the label – Change part labels from horizontal to vertical or vertical to horizontal
Option and drag the part – Drag the selected layout part past an object
Command+D – Duplicate the selected object
Option and drag the object – Duplicate an object by dragging it
Command+R – Group objects
Command+Shift+R – Ungroup objects
Command+Option+L – Lock an object
Command+Shift+Option+L – Unlock an object
Arrow Keys – Move the selected object one point at a time
Shift and drag the part – Reorder the selected part
Command+Option+R – Rotate an object
Command+Option+F – Display the Field/Control Setup dialog box
Command+Option+K – Display field behavior
Command+Option+B – Display field borders
Option and double-click the field – Display the appropriate formatting dialog box for a field
Enter/ Shift+Enter on numeric keypad. – Toggle the current tool with the Selection tool.
Shift while drawing the line – Draw a horizontal or vertical line with the Line tool
Option while drawing the line – Draw a line to a 45-degree increment with the Line tool
Shift while moving the object – Move an object horizontally or vertically
Option while drawing the circle – Draw a circle with the Oval tool
Option while drawing the square – Draw a square with the Rectangle tool
Shift while dragging a handle – Constrain resizing an object to horizontal or vertical
Option and then resize the object – Constrain resizing an object to a square or circle
Forward+Delete/Option+Delete – Delete next character / delete previous character
Option+Forward Delete – Delete next word / delete previous word
Delete – Delete Previous character
Command+Delete – Delete Text from the insertion point to the beginning of the line
Delete – Clear selected text
Command+C – Copy selected text
Command+C with no objects selected – Copy all text in a record
Command+Option+C with no objects selected – Copy all records in the found set to the Clipboard in text form
Command+X – Cut selected text
Command+V – Paste
Command+Shift+Option+V – Paste text only
Command+Z – Undo
Command+Y/Command+Shift+Z – Redo
Enter on numeric keypad – Exit text edit mode
Command+Shift+F – Find/replace data
Command+G – Find the next occurrence of the specified data
Command+Shift+G – Reverse the current direction of a Find Again operation
Command+Option+G – Replace the Find what data with the Replace with data, then search for and select the next occurrence
Command+Shift+Option+G – Reverse the current direction of a Replace & Find Again operation
Command+Option+I – Find the next occurrence of the selected data in the database
Command+Shift+Option+I – Reverse the current direction of a Find Selected operation
Option+Space – Insert a non-breaking space
Option+Tab – Insert a tab in a field or move the insertion point to the next tab stop
Command+Shift+Y – Open the Spelling dialog box when alerted of a misspelled word
Command+\ – Align Text Center
Command+[ – Align Text Left
Command+] – Align Text Right
Command+Shift+\ – Align Text Justified
Command+Shift+B – Style Text Bold
Command+Shift+I – Style Text Italic
Command+Shift+P – Style Text Plain
Command+Shift+- – Style Text Subscript
Command+Shift+= – Style Text Superscript
Command+Shift+U – Style Text Underline
Command+Option+Shift+>/ < – Change Text Size – Up one point / Down one point
Command+Shift+> / < – Change Text Size – The next point size up / next point size down on the menu
Command+Arrow Up/Command+Arrow Down – Move to beginning / move to end of the text
Command+Arrow Left/Command+Arrow Right – Move to beginning / move to end of the line
Option+Arrow Left/Option+Arrow Right – Move to beginning of the previous word / to end of the next word
Command+Shift+Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Select to beginning of line / to end of line
Option+Shift+Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Select to beginning of the previous word / to end of next word
Shift+Arrow Right/Shift+Arrow Left – Select to next character / select previous character
Command+Shift+Arrow Down/Arrow Up – Select to Next line
Command+A – Select all / entire contents of the active field
Command+T – Assign Text
Command+N – Assign Number
Command+D – Assign Date
Command+I – Assign Time
Command+M – Assign Timestamp
Command+R – Assign Container
Command+L – Assign Calculation
Command+S – Assign Summary
Shift+Arrow Keys – Move selection incrementally between objects
Type the characters – Move the selection to an object that includes text beginning with specific characters. If multiple objects share initial characters, you can move the selection to the next occurrence by pressing Command+G/ typing the characters again.
Tab – Switch between the relationships graph and the zoom controls
Option+Arrow Keys – Move the selected object
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Keys after selecting a fully expanded table – Resize the selected object
Shift+click multiple tables / drag the selection pointer through multiple tables – Select multiple tables. To select by dragging completely around tables, press Command while dragging.
Command+A – Select all tables and notes
Command+Shift+A – Select all tables
Command+Y – Select all tables directly related to the currently selected table
Command+U – Select tables with the same source table
Command+T – Toggle the display state of selected tables
Command+Shift+T – Add a table
Command+O when one table is selected – Edit a table
Delete when one / more tables are selected – Delete a table
Command+Shift+R – Add a relationship
Command+O when one relationship is selected – Edit a relationship
Delete when one / more relationships are selected – Delete a relationship
Command+Shift+N while dragging – Add a new text note
Command+D, / Option while dragging – Duplicate a selection
Command+R – Change to Pointer mode
Command+= – Change to Zoom In mode. Shift+click temporarily changes to Zoom Out mode.
Command+- – Change to Zoom Out mode. Shift+click temporarily changes to Zoom In mode.
Command+N – Change to Note mode
Type a percentage value, thenEnter – Change the display percentage of the relationships graph
Command+I – Snap to fit
Command+E – Turn page guides on and off
Command+Shift+P – Display page setup options
Command+Z – Undo the last command
Command+Shift+Z – Redo the last command
F5 – Step Over command
F6 – Step Into command
F7 – Step Out command
Option+F8 – Run to Breakpoint command
Command+F8/Command+. – Halt Script command
Shift+Command+F5 – Set Next Step command
Command+F9 – Set/Clear Breakpoint command (toggle the breakpoint)
Shift+Command+F9 – Remove Breakpoints command
Command+F10 – Edit Script command

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