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Final Cut Pro Shortcut Keys

macOS – Final Cut Pro Shortcut Keys

macOS – Final Cut Pro Shortcut Keys

Final Cut Pro Shortcut Keys for macOS

Command+O – Open file
Return – Open selected file
Shift+Return – OPen in separate window
Control+Shift+Return – Open item editor
Command+W – Close window
Command+? – HElp
Command+Q – Quit
Command+S – Save
Option+S – Save all
Command+Z – Undo
Command+Y – Redo
Shift+S – Adio scrub on or off
Shift+Y – Edit render quality
Shift+L – Looping on or off
Shift+L – Snappig on or off
Command+1 – Viewer
Command+2 – Canvas
Command+3 – Timeline
Command+4 – Browser
Command+5 – Effects
Command+6 – Favorites bin
Command+7 – Trim edit
Command+8 – Log and capture
Command+9 – Item properties
Command+0 – Sequence Settings
Option+Q – Preferences
Command+C – Copy
Command+X – Cut
Option+D – Duplicate
Option+A – Make in/out a selection
Command+V – Paste
Option+V – Paste attributes
Command+A – Select all
Command+D – Deselect all
Right arrow – Forward one frame
Left arrow – Backward one frame
Shift+Right arrow – Forward one second
Shift+Left arrow – Back one second
F – Match frame
Shift+E – Next edit
Option+E – Previous edit
Shift+G – Next gap
Option+G – Previous gap
– Shuttle forward
; – Shuttle backward
Home – To beginning of media
End – To end of media
Down arrow – To next edit or in/out
Up arrow – To previous edit or In/Out
Shift+Down arrow – To next marker
Shift+Up arrow – To previous marker
Shift+F – To master clip
Command+F – FInd
Command+G – FInd next (in find results)
Shift+F3 – Find previous (in Find results)
Shift+PAge up – Horizontal scroll left
Shift+Page down – Horizontal scroll right
Page up – Vertical scroll up
Page down – Vertical scroll down
Shift+U – Custom layout 1
Option+U – Custom layout 2
Command+I – Import file
Command+E – New project
Command+N – New sequence
Shift+V – Toggle list
Command+B – Insert bin
Right arrow – Oepn bins
Left arrow – Close bins
Option+F – Make favorite
Option+B – Show logging columns
Shift+B – Show standard columns
Command+L – Create or break link
L – Linked selection on or off
Option+L – Create or break stereo pair
Shift+T – Change track size
Option+T – Clip Keyframes on or off
Option+W – Clip Overlays on or off
Delete – Delete and leave gap
Shift+Delete – Ripple delete (no gap)
Shift+Z – Fit sequence in window
F5+track number – Lock video track
Shift+F5 – Lock all video tracks
– Lock audio track
– Lock all audio tracks
I – Set in points
O – Set out point
J – Set video in only
Shift+J – Set video out only
Option+I – Clear in
Option+O – Clear out
Option+X – Clear in and out
Shift+A – Make selection an In or out
X – Mark clip
Shift+A – Goto in point
Shift+O – Go to out point
F2 – Log clip
Command+H – Batch capture
Y – Change render quality
F15 – Display frame
Command+M – Print to video

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macOS – Final Cut Pro Shortcut Keys

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