macOS – Garageband Shortcut Keys

garageband shortcut Keys

macOS – Garageband Shortcut Keys

Garageband Shortcut Keys for macOS

Option+Command+N – Create a new track
Option+Command+A – Create a new audio track
Option+Command+S – Create a new software instrument track
Command+D – Duplicate the selected track
Command+Delete – Delete the selected track
Shift+Return – Rename the selected track
Up Arrow – Select the next higher track
Down Arrow – Select the next lower track
M – Mute/Unmute the selected track
S – Solo/Unsolo the selected track
Ctrl+I – Turn monitoring for the selected track on/off
A – Show/Hide automation for the selected track
Ctrl+Shift+Command+Delete – Delete all automation on the selected track
Ctrl+Option+Command+M – Unmute all tracks
Ctrl+Option+Command+S – Unsolo all tracks
Command+Z – Undo
Shift+Command+Z – Redo
Command+X – Cut
Option+Command+Delete – Cut an arrangement marker together with its regions
Command+C – Copy
Command+V – Paste
Delete – Delete
Command+A – Select all
Left Arrow – Select previous region on the selected track
Right Arrow – Select next region on the selected track
Command+T – Split selected region or event at the playhead
Command+J – Join selected regions or notes
L – Loop selected region continuously
Ctrl+Shift+O – Add selected region to the Apple Loops Library
Shift+N – Rename the selected region
Command+G – Turn Snap to Grid on/off
Option+Command+G – Show/Hide alignment guides
R – Start recording
Ctrl+R – Turn the Record Enable button for the selected track on/off
C – Turn the cycle area on/off
K – Turn the metronome on/off
Shift+K – Turn count+in on/off
Option+Up Arrow – Transpose selected notes up one semitone
Option+Down Arrow – Transpose selected notes down one semitone
Option+Shift+Up Arrow – Transpose selected notes up one octave
Option+Shift+Down Arrow – Transpose selected notes down one octave
Right Arrow – Select the next score event
Left Arrow – Select the previous score event
Down Arrow – Select the next staff event
Up Arrow – Select the previous staff event
Command+P – Print score notation
Command+K – Show/Hide the Musical Typing window
B – Show/Hide Smart Controls
N – Show/Hide the Score Editor
P – Show/Hide the Piano Roll Editor
O – Show/Hide the Loop Browser
Y – Show/Hide the Library
E – Show/Hide the Editor
Option+Command+P – Show/Hide the NotePad
F – Show/Hide the Media Browser
Shift+Command+A – Show/Hide the Arrangement track
Shift+Command+O – Show/Hide the Movie track
Shift+Command+X – Show/Hide theTransposition track
Shift+Command+T – Show/Hide the Tempo track
Shift+Command+M – Show/Hide the Master track
Option+Command+O – Open a Movie
Command+N – Create a new project
Command+O – Open an existing project
Command+W – Close the current window or project
Command+M – Minimize the GarageBand window
Command+S – Save the current project
Shift+Command+S – Save As
Command+, – Show GarageBand preferences
Command+H – Hide GarageBand
Command+Q – Quit GarageBand
Command+? – Open detailed Help (move the pointer over an interface item)
Spacebar – Start or stop playback
Return – Go to beginning
Option+Return – Go to end of last region
. – Move forward
, – Move back
Shift+Command+. – Move cycle area forward
Shift+Command+, – Move cycle area back
End – Move forward by visible width of the timeline
Home – Move back by visible width of the timeline
< – Turn Catch mode on/off
Command+Left Arrow – Zoom out
Command+Right Arrow – Zoom in

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