macOS – iBooks Shortcut Keys

iBooks Shortcut Keys

macOS – iBooks Shortcut Keys

iBooks Shortcut Keys for macOS

Swipe Left/Right – Go to Next/Previous Page
Swipe Left/Right when Pinter is over Gallery – Go to Next/Previous Gallery Image
Pinch Open when Pointer Over Interactive Media – Enlarge Feature
Pinh Closed a Book with Graphical Table of Contents – Graphical TOC Opens
Command+N – Add New Collection to Your Library
Command+Shift+O – Add Books to Your Library
Command+D – Bookmark Page You are Currently Viewing
Command+F – Open Search Field
Command+T – Show Book’s Table of Contents
Command+Shift+T – Show Books’s Thumbnail Table of Contents
Command++/Command+- – Zoom in/Zoom out
Command+0 – See Book at Actual Size
Command+1 – See One Page at a time
Command+2 – See Two Page at a time
Command+3 – Show Your Notes in Book’s Margin
Command+4 – Show All Notes and Highlight in Notes Panel
Command+5 – Show Study Cards for a book
Command+6 – Show Book’s Glossary
Command+Ctrl+F – Switch to Full Screen View
Right Arrow/Down Arrow/PgDn – Go to Next Page/Image/Object
Left Arrow/Up Arrow/PgUp – Go to Previous Page/Image/Object
Command+Shift+Right Arrow – Go to Next Chapter
Command+Shift+Left Arrow – Go to Previous Chapter
Command+[ – Go back to Your Previous Spot in Book
Command+] – Go Forward to Your Original Spot in Book
Command+L – Open Your iBooks Library
Command+Shift+H – Open iBooks Store Homepage

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