macOS – iMovie Shortcut Keys

iMovie shortcut keys

macOS – iMovie Shortcut Keys

iMovie Shortcut Keys for macOS

Shift+Command+? – Open help menu
Command+J – Movie properties
Command+I – Import media
Command+E – Share the selection movie
Spacebar – Play video beginning from the frame beneath
/ – Play the selection
\ – Play the selected clip from beginning
Shift+Command+F – Play selected item in full screen
Esc – Exit full screen
Left arrow/Right arrow – Move the palyhead by one frame
Command+N – Create a new movie project
Command+Delete – Move to trash
Command+,(comma) – Open iMovie preferences
V – Open voiceover controls in the viewer
Shift+S – Turn on or silence audio while skimming video
Option+Command+B – Detach audio from a clip
Command+Z – Undo
Shift+Command+Z – Redo
Command+A – Select an entire clip or project
Shift+Command+A – Deselect all clips
E – Add the selection to the movie
Q – Connect the clip at the playhead position
W – Insert the selection in the movie
Shift+Command+E – Automatically improve the Video and audio quality
Command+X – Cut the selected frames
Command+C – Copy the selected frames
Command+V – Paste
Option+Command+A – Paste Color adjustment
Option+Command+R – Paste Crop adjustment
Option+Command+Z – Paste stabilization adjustment
Option+Command+T – Paste Rolling shutter adjustment
Option+Command+O – Paste volume adjustment
Option+Command+L – Paste the video effect
Option+Command+S – Paste the speed adjustments
Option+Command+U – Paste cutway Settings
Option+Command+M – Paste the map style
F – Rate favorite
U – Unmark selected frames
Delete – Rate the selection as rejected or delete
Command+L – Loop Playback
Command+\ – Open the clip trimmer
Command+/ – Open the precision editor
Command+K – Crop
Command+T – Split clip at Playhead
Shift+Command+S – Create still frame
Command+C – Copy the selected Text
Command+X – Cut the selected Text
Command+V – Paste the copied Text
Command+M – Minimize
1 – Go to library view
2 – Go to iMovie theater
3 – Show or hide the Adjustment bar
Shift+Command+1 – Show or hide the Libraries list
Command+1 – Show transitions in the browser
Command+2 – Show titles
Command+3 – Show map and backgrounds
Command+4 – Show your iTunes library
Command+5 – Show sound effect
Command+6 – Show your garageband library
Shift+Command+F – Play in full screen
Command+E – Switch to Clip Viewer or Timeline Viewer
Option+Command+P – Scroll to playhead
Option+Command+S – Scroll to selection
Option+Command+Z – Zoom to selection
Command+E – Add bookmark
Shift+Command+E – Delete bookmark
Command+] – Next bookmark
Command+[ – Previous bookmark
Shift+Command+V – Paste over at playhead
Command+R – Reverse clip direction
Command+L – Lock audio clip at Playhead
Space – Play/Stop and Start/stop capture
Home – Move playhead to beginning of movie
Right Arrow – Forward one frame
Shift+Right Arrow – Forward ten frames
Hold Right Arrow – Move playhead forward
Left arrow – Back one frame
Shift+Left Arrow – Back ten frames
Hold Left Arrow – Move playhead backward
Tab – Move between text filed
Down Arrow – Jump forward to the next clip
Up Arrow – Jump to the beginning of the current clip or jump to the previous clip
Return – Accept dialog (OK
Esc – Cancle dialog
Command+Right arrow – Cancle Dialog

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