macOS – InCopy Shortcut Keys

InCopy Shortcut Keys

macOS – InCopy Shortcut Keys

InCopy Shortcut Keys for macOS

Shift+Esc – Switch between Text tool and Note tool
Option+Shift – Temporarily switch from Text tool to Note Tool
Option+Spacebar – Temporarily switch to Hand tool (Layout view)
Command+Spacebar – Temporarily switch to Zoom tool (Layout view)
Command+Spacebar – Temporarily switch to Zoom In tool (Layout view)
Command+Option+Spacebar – Temporarily switch to Zoom Out tool (Layout view)
Command+Shift+PgUp/PgDn – Go to first/last page (Layout view)
Shift+PgUp/PgDn – Go to previous/next page (Layout view)
Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Move right/left one character
Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Move up/down one line
Command+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Move right/left one word
Command+]/Command+[ – Go to beginning of sentence forward/backward (Galley and Story views)
Home/End – Go to beginning/end of line
Command+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Go to previous/next paragraph
Command+Option+] – Go to next story (Galley view)
Command+Option+[ – Go to previous story (Galley view)
Command+Home/End – Go to beginning/end of story
Shift+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Select one character to the right/left
Command+Shift+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Select one word to the right/left
Shift+Home/End – Select to the start/end of the line
Command+Shift+P – Select current paragraph (Galley and Story views)
Command+Option+Shift+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Select sentence forward/backward (Galley and Story views)
Shift+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Select one line above/below
Command+Shift+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Select one paragraph before/after
Command+Shift+Home/End – Select to beginning/end of story
Command+Delete – Delete word in front of insertion point (Galley and Story views)
Command+Shift+Delete – Delete current sentence (Galley and Story views)
Command+Option+Shift+Delete – Delete current paragraph (Galley and Story views)
Command+Option+/ – Recompose all stories
Command+Option+2 – Toggle current and previous view
Command+F6 – Go to Next window
Command+Shift+F6 – Go to Previous window
PgUp/PgDn – Scroll up/down one screen
Option+Shift+PgUp/PgDn – Go to first/last spread
Command+Option+PgUp/PgDn – Go to first previous/ next spread
Command+Option+= – Fit selection in window
Command+5/2/4 – Increase screen to 50%/ 200%/400%
Command+Option+5 – Access view percent field
Command+./, – Increase/Decrease size/scale by 1%
Command+Option+./, – Increase/Decrease size/scale by 5%
Arrow Keys – Move selection
Command+Shift+Arrow Keys – Move selection by 1/10th
Shift+Arrow Keys – Move selection by 10 times
Esc – Enables the Position tool in text
Command+Shift+X – Normal horizontal scale
Command+Option+Shift+X – Normal vertical scale
Command+Shift+>/< – Increase/Decrease text point size
Command+Option+Shift+>/< – Increase/Decrease text point size five times
Option+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Increase/Decrease leading (horizontal text)
Option+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Increase/Decrease leading (vertical text)
Command+Option+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Increase/Decrease leading five times (horizontal text)
Command+Option+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Increase/Decrease leading five times (vertical text)
Command+Option+Shift+A – Auto leading
Option+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Increase/Decrease kerning/tracking
Command+Option+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Increase/Decrease kerning/tracking five times
Command+Option+Q – Reset all manual kerning preferences (reset track to 0)
Option+Shift+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Increase/Decrease baseline shift (horizontal text)
Option+Shift+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Increase/Decrease baseline shift (vertical text)
Command+Option+Shift+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Increase/Decrease baseline shift five times (horizontal text)
Command+Option+\/Backspace – Increase/Decrease word space kerning
Command+Option+Shift+\/Backspace – Increase/Decrease word space kerning five times
Command+Shift+L/C/R – Align text left/center/right
Command+Shift+J – Justify with last line aligned left
Command+Shift+F – Justify all lines
Shift+Tab – Insert right indent tab
Command+Option+Shift+/ – Update missing font list
Command+Option+Shift+’ – Toggle typographer’s quotes preference
Option+Click Expanded/Collapsed note bookend – Expand/Collapse all notes except current note
Command+Option+Shift+J – Open Justification dialog box
Command+Option+K – Open Keep Options dialog box
Command+Option+J – Open Paragraph Rules dialog box
Command+Option+Shift+C – Redefine character style
Command+Option+R – Open Drop Caps and Nested Styles dialog box
Command+Option+Shift+R – Redefine paragraph style
Command+Shift+K – Toggle all caps (on/off)
Command+Option+L – Toggle small caps (on/off)
Command+Shift+= – Superscript
Command+Option+Shift+= – Subscript
Command+Shift+U – Underline
Command+Shift+/ – Strikethrough
Command+B/Command+Shift+B – Bold
Command+Shift+I – Italic
Command+Shift+Y – Normal
Command+Option+Shift+G – Toggle align to grid (on/off)
Command+Option+Shift+H – Toggle auto-hyphenate (on/off)
Command+F1 – Insert selected text into Find What box
Shift+F1 – Insert selected text into Find What box and find next
Command+F3 – Replace selected text with Change To text
Shift+F3 – Replace selected text with Change To text and find next
Command+F2 – Insert selected text into Replace box

Delete – Clear cell
Tab/Left Arrow/Right Arrow – Move to next cell
Shift+Tab – Move to previous cell
Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Move up/down through table cells
Option+PgUp/PgDn – Move to first/last cell in column
Option+Home/End – Move to first/last cell in row
PgUp/PgDn – Move to first/last row in frame
Shift+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Select cells above/below
Shift+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Select cells to the right/left
Option+Command+Shift+J – Open Justification dialog box
Option+Command+J – Open Paragraph Rules dialog box
Option+Command+K – Open Keep Options dialog box
Command+T – Activate Character panel
Command+Option+T – Activate Paragraph panel
Select text and press Shift+Option+Command+C – Make character style definition match text
Select text and press Shift+Option+Command+R – Make paragraph style definition match text
Shift+Option+Command-double-click style – Change options without applying style
Option+Click paragraph style name – Remove style and local formatting
Option+Shift-click paragraph style name – Clear overrides from paragraph style
Command+F11/Command+Shift+F11 – Show/hide Paragraph and Character Styles panels, respectively
Command+Shift+5 – Load word
Command+Shift+6 – Look up word
Command+Shift+7 – Change word
Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Expand/Collapse element
Option+Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Expand/Collapse element and child elements
Shift+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Extend XML selection up/down
Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Move XML selection up/down
PgUp/PgDn – Scroll structure pane up/down one screen
Home/End – Select first/last XML node
Shift+Home/End – Extend selection to first/last XML node
Command+Left Arrow/Right Arrow – Go to previous/next validation error
Command+Option+Shift+F7 – Automatically tag text frames and tables
Command+Shift+W – Close current document
Command+Option+Shift+W – Close all documents
Command+Option+Shift+S – Save all documents
Command+Option+Z – Expand all stories
Command+Option+Shift+Z – Collapse all stories
Command+Option+Tab – Show/Hide all toolbars and panels
Command+Option+N – New default document
Command+Shift+D – Display Links panel
Command+Option+` – Activate last-used field in panel
Command+Option+Shift+6 – Update beginning to cursor info
Command+Option+Shift+8 – Update copyfit progress info
Command+Option+Shift+7 – Update cursor to end info
Command+Option+Shift+5 – Update selection info
Command+Option+Shift+4 – Update whole story info
Shift+F5 – Force redraw
Command+Option+Shift+U – Toggle units
Command+Option+F8 – New text macro
Command+Option+Shift+F8 – Edit text macro
Option+Shift+F8 – Insert macro text

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