macOS – Inkscape Shortcut Keys

Inkscape Shortcut Keys

macOS – Inkscape Shortcut Keys

Inkscape Shortcut Keys for macOS

F1,S – Selector
Space – Selector (temporary)
F2,N – Node tool
F3,Z – Zoom tool
F4,R – Ractangle tool
F5,E – Ellipse/arc tool
F6,F – Freehand tool
Shift+F6,B – Bezier tool
Command+F6,B – Calligraphic tool
Command+F1,G – Gradient tool
F7,D – Dropper tool
F8,T – Text tool
F9,I – Spiral tool
Shift+F9 – Star tool
Command+F2,O – Connector tool
Shift+Command+F – Fill and Stroke
Shift+Command+W – Swatches
Shift+Command+T – Text and font
Shift+Command+M – Transform
Shift+Command+L – Layers
Shift+Command+A – Align and Distribute
Shift+Command+O – Object Properties
Shift+Command+H – Undo history
Shift+Command+X – XML editor
Shift+Command+D – Document preferences
Shift+Command+P – Inkscape preferences
Shift+Command+E – Export to PNG
Command+F – Find
Shift+Option+B – Trace bitmap
F12 – Toggle dialogs
Esc – Return to the canvas
Command+F4/Command+W – Close the dialog
Tab – Jump to the next widget
Shift+Tab – Jump to previous widget
Enter – Set the new value
Command+Enter – In XML editor, set the attribute value
Space/Enter – Activate current button or list
Command+Page Up/Command+Page Down – In a multi-tab dialog, switch tabs
Option+X – Jump to the first editable filed
Tab – Jump to next field
Shift+Tab – Jump to previous field
Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Change value by 0.1
Page Up/Page Down – Change value by 5.0
Enter – Accept the new value
Esc – Cancel changes, return to canvas
Command+Z – Cancel changes
=/plus – Zoom in
– Zoom out
Middle click/Command+Right click – Zoom in
Command+Mouse wheel – Zoom in or out
Shift+Middle button drag – Zoom into the area
Option+Z – Activate zoon field
1 – Zoom 1:1
2 – Zoom 1:2
3 – Zoom to selection
4 – Zoom to drawing
5 – Zoom to page
Command+E/6 – Zoom to page width
– Perevious zoom
Shift+’ – Next zoom
Command+ arrows – Scroll canvas
MIddle button drag – Pan canvas
Shift+right button drag/Command+right button drag – Pan canvas
Mouse wheel – Scroll canvas vertically
Shift+Mouse wheel – Scroll canvas horizontally
Mouse drag – Drag off a ruler to create guide
|/Shift+\ – Toggle guides and snapping to guides
#/Shift+3 – Toggle grids and snapping to grids
% – Toggle snapping on and off
Command+ Keypad 5 – Toggle normal/outline mode
Click – Set fill color on selection
Shift+Click – Set stroke color on selection
RIght click – Set stroke color on selection
Mouse Drag – Drag fill color to objects
Shift+Mouse drag – Drag stroke color to objects
Command+N – Create new document
Command+O – Open an SVG document
Shift+Command+E – Export to PNG
Command+I – Import bitmap or SVG
Command+P – Print document
Command+S – Save document
Shift+Command+S – Save under a new name
Shift+Command+Option+S – Save a copy
Command+Q – Exit inkscape
Command+R – Toggle rulers
Command+B – Toggle scrollbars
F11 – Toggle fullscreen
F10 – Main menu
Shift+F10/Right click – Drop-down menu
Command+F4/Command+W – Close document window
Command+Tab – Next document window
Shift+Command+Tab – Previous document window
Shift+Page Up – Move to layer above
Shift+Page Down – Move to layer below
Shift+Command+Page Up – Raise layer
Shift+Command+Page Down – Lower layer

Shift+Command+Home – Raise layer to top
Shift+Command+End – Lower layer to bottom
Shift+Command+Y/Command+Z – Undo
Shift+Command+Z,/Command+Y – Redo
Command+C – Copy selection
Command+X – Cut selection
Command+V – Paste clipboard
Command+Option+V – Paste in place
Shift+Command+V – Paste style
Command+7 – Paste path effect
Command+D – Duplicate selection
Option+D – Clone object
Shift+Option+D – Unlink clone
Shift+D – Select original
Option+B – Create a bitmap copy
Shift+Option+B – Trace bitmap
Option+I – Object to pattern
Shift+Option+I – Pattern to objects
Shift+Command+U/Command+G – Group selected objects
Shift+Command+G/Command+U – Ungroup selected objects
Home – Raise selection to top
End – Lower selection to bottom
Page Up – Raise selection one step
Page Down – Lower selection one step
Click – Pick fill color
Shift+Click – Pick stroke color
Mouse drag – Average fill color
Shift+Mouse drag – Average stroke color
Option+Click – Pink inverse color
Command+C – Copy color
Mouse drag – Draw a calligraphic line
Shift+Mouse drag – Add to selected path
Command+Mouse drag – Track a guide path
Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Adjust pen width by 1
Home/End – Set pen width to 1 or 100
Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Adjust pen angle
Esc – Deselect
Click – Fill a bounded area
Shift+Click – Add to selected path
Mouse drag – Fill from each point
Option+Mouse drag – Fill from each point same as initial point
Command+Click – Set fill color
Shift+Command+Click – Set stroke color
Mouse drag – Draw a spiral
Command+Mouse drag – Snap spiral to angle steps
Click – Click to select
Option+Click/Command+Option+Click – Select under
Shift+Click – Toggle selection
Esc – Deselect
Mouse drag – Roll/unroll from inside (inner handle)
Option+Mouse drag – Converge/diverge (inner handle)
Option+Click/Command+Option+Click – Reset divergence (inner handle)
Shift+Click – Zero inner radius (inner handle)
Mouse drag – Roll/unroll from outside (outer handle)
Shift+Mouse drag – Scale/rotate (outer handle)
Command+Mouse drag – Snap handles to angle steps
Click – Zoom in
Shift+Click – Zoom out
Mouse drag – Zoom into the area
Mouse drag – Draw a freehand line
Shift+Mouse drag – Add to selected path
/Temporarily disable snapping
Command+Click – Create a dot
Option+Command+Click – Create a random-sized dot
Shift+Command+Click – Create a double-sized dot
Mouse drag – Act on selected paths in the current mode
Command+Mouse drag – Act temporarily switching to shrink mode
Command+Shift+Mouse drag – Act temporarily switching to grow mode
Shift+P – Push mode
Shift+S – Shrink mode
Shift+G – Grow mode
Shift+A – Attract mode
Shift+E – Repel mode
Shift+R – Roughen mode
Shift+C – Color paint mode
Shift+J – Color jitter mode
Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Adjust brush width by
Home/End – Set brush width by 1
Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Adjust tweaking force

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