macOS – iTunes Shortcut Keys

iTunes Shortcut Keys

macOS – iTunes Shortcut Keys

iTunes Shortcut Keys for macOS

Space – Start or stop playing the selected song
Enter – Play the currently selected song from the beginning
Option+⌘+Arrow Right/Arrow Left – Move forward or backward within a song
Option+Arrow Right/Arrow Left – Listen to the next or previous album in a list
Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Go to the next or previous song in a list
⌘+click the checkbox next to a song – Select or deselect all the songs in a list
Shift+⌘+N – Create a new playlist from selected songs
Option+⌘+N – Create a new Smart Playlist
⌘+Delete – Delete the selected playlist without confirming that you want to delete it
Option+Delete – Delete the selected playlist and all the songs it contains from your library
Option+Delete – Delete the selected song from your library and all playlists
⌘+R – Refresh the Radio list, when Radio is selected (or Genius Playlist if selected)
⌘+/ – Go to the next page / go to previous page in iTunes Store
Type in Search field and press Option+Enter – Initiate a search in the iTunes Store (from anywhere in iTunes)
⌘+R – Check for app updates (when Apps is selected, below Library)
Ctrl+click a column heading – Change the song information columns
⌘+click a triangle – Expand or collapse all the triangles in the Radio’s Stream list
Option+⌘+M – Shrink the iTunes window to show only the playback controls
Option+click the zoom button in the upper+left corner of the iTunes window – Switch between custom and maximum window sizes
⌘+drag the resize control in the lower+right corner of the window – See the iTunes window resize while you are resizing it
⌘+N/⌘+P – In the Info window, see the info for the next or previous song in the list
Shift+⌘+/ – Go to the previous or next pane in the Get Info or Preferences window
⌘+F – Select the search field
⌘+, – Open iTunes Preferences
⌘+H – Hide the iTunes window
Option+⌘+H – Hide all other applications
⌘+Q – Quit iTunes
⌘+N – Create a new playlist
Shift+⌘+N – Create a new playlist with the selected songs
Option+⌘+N – Create a new Smart Playlist
⌘+O – Open / add a file to your music library
⌘+W – Close the iTunes window
⌘+I – Open the Info window for the selected song or CD
Shift+⌘+R – Show where a song file is located
⌘+L – Show the currently playing song in the list
⌘+U – Stream audio file at a specific URL to iTunes
⌘+, – Open iTunes Preferences
⌘+Z – Undo your last typing change while editing an item’s information
⌘+X/⌘+C/⌘+V – Cut / Copy / Paste the selected song’s information or artwork
⌘+A – Select all the songs in the list
Shift+⌘+A – Deselect all the songs in the list
⌘+B – Hide or show the Artist and Album columns
⌘+J – Open the View Options window for the selected source
Ctrl+⌘+F – Enter or exit full-screen view
⌘+M – Put the iTunes window in the Dock
⌘+? – Open iTunes Help
Option+Command (while opening iTunes) – Open iTunes in “safe mode” (without external plug-ins)
While the video is playing, Control+click the movie, and choose Set Poster Frame – Choose artwork for the selected video
Press and hold Option+Command when connecting iPod/iPhone – Prevent iPod from automatically syncing when you connect it to your computer
Shift+⌘+Arrow Right/Arrow Left – Go to the next or last chapter during spoken words (if available)

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