macOS – Modo Shortcut Keys

Modo Shortcut Keys

macOS – Modo Shortcut Keys

Modo Shortcut Keys for macOS

F1 – Help
Command+N – New scene
Command+O – Open saved scene
Command+I – Open saved image
Command+W – Close current scene
Command+Shift+W – Close all open scenes
Command+S – Save current scene
Command+Shift+S – Save scene as
Command+Q – Quit Modo
Option+F12 – Config file save
Shift+F5 – Run script
Command+Z – Undo
Command+Shift+Z – Redo
Command+X – Cut
Command+C – Copy
Command+V – Paste
Delete – Delete (not available in Items mode)
Command+R – Brings up the last tool used
Option+R – Brings up the last tool used, ignoring UI interactions and selections
Command+Tab – Layout switcher, organized by most recent
Option+Click – Rotate view
Option+Middle-click – Rotate viewport Z axis (bank) view
Option+Right-click – Flick’ rotate
Shift+Option+Left-click – Pan view
Shift+Option+Right-click – Pan up/down only
Command+Option+Left-click – Zoom to mouse position
Command+Option+Right-click – Box zoom
. (period) – Zoom in (only in component modes)
Shift+. (period) – Zoom in x2
, (comma) – Zoom out (only in component modes)
Shift+ , (comma) – Zoom out x2
G – Center the view on the cursor’s position
/ – Turntable (only in component modes)
Shift+/ – When turntable is running, displays upright turntable
Mouse Wheel Scroll – Zoom view in and out to mouse pointer
A – Fit (zoom to scene extents/all items)
Shift+A – Fit selected (zooms to selected elements)
Command+A – Align selected (aligns view to the current selection)
Command+Shift+A – Fit and align selected (zooms and aligns the view to the current selection)
O – Open the viewport options pop-over
0 – Maximize/minimize the viewport within the group
. (decimal) – Perspective
1 – Top (press again to toggle top/bottom view)
Shift+1 – Bottom
2 – Front (press again to toggle front/back view)
Shift+2 – Back
3 – Right (press again to toggle right /left view)
Shift+3 – Left
Shift+4 – Shaded
Shift+5 – Texture
Shift+6 – Reflection
Shift+7 – Wireframe
Shift+8 – Solid
Shift+9 – Vertex Map
/ – Wireframe None
Shift+/ – Wireframe Light
Command+/ – Wireframe Dark
Command+Shift+Home – Open first tab
Command+Shift+End – Open last tab
Command+Shift+Page Up – Open next tab
Command+Shift+Page Down – Open last tab
F – In Items selection mode, locate selected item (layer). In other modes flip polygons
Shift+click – Expand/close all (also in Shader Tree)
‘ (apostrophe) – Swap foreground/background layers
Command+D – Duplicate selected layer(s) (only in Items mode)
Shift+D – Instance selected layer(s) (only in Items mode)
N – New Mesh Item
L – New locator item (only in Items mode)
I – Select modifier input
O – Select modifier output
C – Channel haul on (only in Items mode)
F2 – Modeling toolbox
F3 – Sculpt/paint toolbox
F4 – Setup toolbox
F5 – Command History viewport
F6 – Presets viewport
F7 – Graph Editor
F8 – Render preview
F11 – Snapping pop-over
` (backtick) – Toggle window visibility
Command+` (backtick) – Layout switch favorites
Command+1 – GL viewport toggles
Command+2 – GL viewport style
Command+Space – GL viewport view type
Command+3 – Open pop-over
Option+Q – Selection mode/Transform tools
Option+ ` (backtick) – Open palette
Shift+ ` (backtick) – Properties and options
B – Brushes pie menu (only when a Brush tool is active)
Option+Space – Animation shortcuts (only in the Animation layout)
Q – Drops active tool
K – “Tool properties pop-over
Esc – Escape current operation/drop active selection
Space – Cycle-through Component modes
Shift+Space – Toggle Component mode to Item Mode (or last mode)
– Tool handle smaller
0 – Toggle tool handle visibility (not on the numeric keypad; only on Mac)
Command+D – Reset tool attributes
Shift+0-9 – Select layer 1-10
Option+Space – Quick access pop-over
M – Assign material tag
Tab – Toggle subdivision surfaces
Shift+Tab – Toggle Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces
Keypad +/- – Increase/decrease subdivision level
Option+W – Origin
Option+E – Pivot
Option+A – Automatic
Option+S – Selection
Option+D – Selection center, auto axis
Option+Q – Displays pie menu
Option+F – Screen
Option+Z – Element
Option+X – Local
Option+G – Pivot center, parent axis
Option+Shift+A – Select all
Arrow Up – More (select next plausible element in loop)
Shift+Arrow Up – Select expand
Arrow Down – Less (de-select last element)
Shift+Arrow Down – Shrink
Arrow Left – Select previous loop
Shift+Arrow Left – Select previous loop add
Arrow Right – Select next loop
Shift+Arrow Right – Select next loop add
L – Select loop
Option+L – Select ring
] – Connected
[ – Invert selection
Shift+] – Close loop
Shift+G – Select between
Option+1 – Convert selection to vertices
Option+2 – Convert selection to edges
Option+3 – Convert selection to polygons
; (semicolon) – Select through toggle
H – Hide selected
Shift+H – Hide unselected
Command+H – Hide invert (toggle state)
U – Show
J – Lock selected
Shift+J – Lock unselected
Command+J – Lock invert (toggle state)
I – Unlock
Home – Align to geometry under cursor
Shift+Home – Align to selection (average of all selected)
Command+Home – Align to viewport
End – Reset the Work Plane
Shift+End – Open Work Plane pop-over
Page Up – Walk +
Page Down – Walk –
Keypad * (asterisk) – Toggle visibility
Option+O – Offset Work Plane to geometry position under cursor
X – Toggle snap state (hold with tool active for temporary snap)
F11 – Open snapping pop-over
Command+Shift+T – Element snap
W – Move
E – Rotate
Option+Shift+E – Planar rotate
R – Scale
Shift+R – Uniform scale
Y – Transform
Command+E – Bend
T – Element move (Tweak)
Command+T – Soft drag
Shift+Y – Flex tool
Shift+S – Smooth tool
Shift+X – Extrude
Shift+L – Radial sweep
Shift+Q – Grow quad row from edge
Z – Extend edge
Shift+V – Mirror tool
Backspace – Remove
Command+Backspace – Collapse

B – Bevel
Shift+B – Polygon bevel
Option+B – Sketch extrude
Command+B – Create polygon of given type from vertex selection
C – Edge slice
Shift+C – Polygon slice
Option+C – Loop slice
D – Subdivide selected geometry
Shift+D – Open subdivide options
F – Flip polygon normal
Command+L – Split face by selected vertices
P – Make polygon
Shift+T – Triple polygons (convert to triangles)
V – Spin edge
Option+V – Spin quads curves
Shift+O – Make open curve
Command+P – Make closed curve
Shift+W – Weight tool
Shift+M – Morph tool
B – Open brush tips pie menu (only when tool is active)
O – Open large color picker pop-over (hover over UI color picker)
S – Swap foreground/background colors
E/R – Image ink rotate left/right
D/F – Image ink scale up/down
Shift+Z – Adjust offset amount (sticky key, only while Brush tool is active)
Option+(numeric pad) + – Subdivision level up
Option+(numeric pad) – – Subdivision level down
Command+(numeric pad) + – Current level up
Command+(numeric pad) – – Current level down
Shift+Option+Click+Drag – Move camera item
Shift+Option+right-click+Drag – Move up/down direction only
Option+Click+Drag – Rotate around target distance
Option+Right-click+Drag – Rotate around Z axis
Command+Middle-click+Drag – Image ink scale up/down
Command+Option+Click+drag – Move forward/backward only
Command+Option+Right-click+Drag – Adjust focal length
Roll Mouse Wheel – Zooms to cursor
Command+A – Auto focus camera (only in a viewport defined as Camera and with auto-focus enabled)
Command+F – Restart preview (only in the Preview viewport)
Shift+Z – Select all animated items
Z – Select all animated channels
Command+G – Group selected items (under group locator)
P – Parent in place
Command+P – Parent
Shift+P – Unparent in place
Command+Shift+P – Unparent
Shift+Arrow Up – Go to first frame
Command+Arrow Up – Go to first keyframe
Command+Arrow Left – Go to previous keyframe
Shift+Arrow Left – Go back one frame
/ – Start/stop animation playback
Shift+Arrow Right – Go forward one frame
Command+Arrow Right – Go to next keyframe
Command+Arrow Down – Go to last keyframe
Shift+Y – Key transforms
Shift+E – Key rotations
Shift+W – Key positions
Shift+R – Key scale
S – Key selected channels
Shift+S – Key selected items
A – Fit selected
Command+F – Fit visible
Shift+F – Fit visible width
Option+click – Pan view
Command+Option+Click – Scale view
Option+Right-click – Scale graph size
Command+Option+Right-click – Box zoom (drag box to zoom)
Command+Shift+V – Paste insert keyframes to selected channels
Command+Option+V – Paste replace keyframes to selected channels
F9 – Render
Command+F9 – Render visible
Shift+F9 – Render selected
F10 – Render current view
Option+Shift+F9 – Open render display window
Command+F – Focus under cursor
mouse wheel – Preview zoom
middle-click+drag – Jump the preview out to the original focal length (only when zoomed in)

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