macOS – Opera Shortcut Keys

Opera shortcut keys

macOS – Opera Shortcut Keys

Opera Shortcut Keys for macOS

Up Arrow – Move one line up
Down Arrow – Move one line down
Right Arrow – Move one character to the right
Left Arrow – Move one character to the left
PgUp – Move one screen Up
PgDn – Move one screen Down
Command+PgUp – Move one screen to the left
Command+PgDn – Move one screen to the right
Home – Go to top
End – Go to bottom
Tab/Shift+Tab – Cycle focus within active context
Enter – Activate
Option+Enter – Edit Item properties
Esc – Exit Context or Cancel
Command+M – Display Context menu
Command+O – Open file
Command+S – Save copy of page
Command+Option+S – Save copy of page with all images and elements
Command+P – Print page
Command+Q – Close Opera
Command+H – Hide Opera
Command+Z – Undo recent changes
Command+Y – Redo recent changes
Command+C – Copy selection to clipboard
Command+X – Move selection to clipboard
Command+V – Paste from clipboard
Command+Shift+C – Copy selected text to “Notes” panel
Command+Shift+V – Copy text in clipboard to “Notes” panel
Command+U – Clear all
Command+A – Select all
Delete – Delete selection (or character right of cursor)
Backspace – Delete selection (or character left of cursor)
Command+B – Toggle text-style bold
Command+I – Toggle text-style italic
Command+U – Toggle text-style underline
Command+F – Find text
Command+G – Find next instance of text
Command+Shift+G – Find previous instance of text
, – Search for text in links in page (press F9 first to set focus on page)
. – Search for text in page (press F9 first to set focus on page)
Ctrl+Spacebar – Go to your Homepage
F2 – Enter a Web address
Command+B – Paste and go in current or new tab
Command+Shift+B – Paste and go in background tab
Shift+F2 – Enter nickname for fast bookmark access
Command+D – Save page address as new bookmark
Command+Shift+D – Save as new bookmark in active bookmark folder
Command+R – Reload (get latest version of) page
Option+F5 – Reload selected frame
Command+F5 – Reload all open pages
Esc – Stop page loading
V – Read selected text using voice function
Esc – Cancel current voice prompt
X – Go to next page in history
Z – Go to previous page in history
Shift+Z – Rewind
Spacebar – Fast Forward
Option+X – Show entire forward history
Option+Z – Show entire backward history
Command+Shift+Spacebar – Home
Command+Shift+F – Search
Command+Shift+Left Arrow – Previous
Command+Shift+Right Arrow – Next
Command+Shift+Backspace – Up
I – Load and display all images
Shift+I – Toggle loading of images
Shift+G – Toggle between “Author mode” and “User mode”
Shift+P – Preview page as if printed
F11 – Use entire screen for browsing
Command+F11 – Toggle “Fit to width”
Shift+F11 – Pretend to be small-screen device
Command+F3 – View page source
Option+F3 – View source of active frame
Command+Option+V – Validate source of active page or frame
Command+Option+Shift+V – Validate source of active page or frame in the background
A – Select next link in page
Q – Select previous link in page
Enter – Follow selected link
Shift+Enter – Open selected link in new tab
Command+Shift+Enter – Open selected link in background tab
Command+Shift+D – Save selected link as new bookmark
Command+Option+C – Copy selected link address
Command+Shift+S – Save link target (such as document or image)
Command+Enter – Log in/autofill form using the Wand
Tab – Go to next element in form
Shift+Tab – Go to previous element in form
Spacebar – Select form element
Command+L – Left adjust text in form
Command+R – Right adjust text in form
F4 – Toggle last active panel with panel selector
Shift+F4 – Toggle last active panel
F7 – Activate panels for keyboard navigation
Shift+Right Arrow – Expand all folders/views in panel
Shift+Left Arrow – Collapse all folders/views in panel
Ctrl+1 – Open “Search” panel
Ctrl+2 – Open “Bookmarks” panel
Ctrl+3 – Open “Mail” panel
Ctrl+4 – Open “Contacts” panel
Ctrl+5 – Open “Chat” panel
Ctrl+6 – Open “Notes” panel
Ctrl+7 – Open “Transfers” panel
Ctrl+8 – Open “History” panel
Ctrl+9 – Open “Links” panel
Ctrl+0 – Open “Windows” panel
Enter – Open bookmark
Shift+Enter – Open bookmark in new tab
Command+Shift+Enter – Open bookmark in background tab
Command+K – Check e-mail
Command+E – Write new message
Command+S – Save message draft (continue later)
Command+Shift+K – Upload queued messages to mail server
Command+Shift+S – Send composed message
R – Reply to message
Shift+R – Reply to all recipients of message, including sender
F – Forward message
D – Redirect message
Enter – Continue editing message (Drafts, Outbox, and Sent views)
Q – Focus “Quick reply” field
Command+? – Open Opera’s help window
Command+F – Search while viewing help page

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