macOS – Photoshop Lightroom CC Shortcut Keys

Photoshop Lightroom CC Shortcut Keys

macOS – Photoshop Lightroom CC Shortcut Keys

Photoshop Lightroom CC Shortcut Keys for macOS

Tab – Show/ hide side panels
Shift+Tab – Show/ hide all panels
T – Show/ hide Toolbar
F5 – Show/ hide Module Picker
F6 – Show/ hide Filmstrip
F7 – Show/ hide left panels
F8 – Show/ hide right panels
Option+click a panel – Toggle solo mode
Shift+click a panel – Open a new panel without closing soloed panel
Command+click a panel – Open/ close all panels
Command+Ctrl+ 0…5 – Open/ close left panels, top to bottom
Command+ 0…8 – Open/close right panels, Library and Develop modules, top to bottom
Command+ 1…7 – Open/close right panels, Slideshow, Print, and Web modules, top to bottom
Command+Option+1 – Go to Library module
Command+Option+2 – Go to Develop module
Command+Option+3 – Go to Slideshow module
Command+Option+4 – Go to Print module
Command+Option+5 – Go to Web module
Command+Option+Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Go back/ go forward
Command+Option+Arrow Up – Go back to previous module
E – Enter Library Loupe view
G – Enter Library Grid view
C – Enter Library Compare view
N – Enter Library Survey view
D – Open selected photo in Develop module
L/Shift+L – Cycle forward/ backward through Lights Out modes
Command+Shift+L – Toggle Lights Dim mode
F – Toggle Full screen mode
Shift+F – Previous screen mode
Command+Shift+F – Toggle Screen Modes: Normal, Full screen, hide panels
Command+Option+F – Go to Normal screen mode, exit Full screen
I – Cycle Info overlay
Command+I – Show/ hide Info overlay
Command+F11 – Open secondary window
Shift+G – Enter Grid view
Shift+E – Enter normal Loupe view
Command+Shift+Enter – Enter locked Loupe view
Shift+C – Enter Compare view
Shift+N – Enter Survey view
Command+Option+Shift+Enter – Enter Slideshow view
Command+Shift+F11 – Enter full-screen mode with secondary monitor
Shift+\ – Show/ hide Filter bar
Command+Shift+=/- – Zoom in/ zoom out
Command+Shift+I – Import photos from disk
Command+Shift+O – Open catalog
Command+, – Open Preferences
Command+Option+, – Open Catalog Settings
Command+Shift+T – Create new subfolder (segmented Tethered capture)
Command+T – Hide/show Tether capture bar
Command+Shift+N – Create a new folder in the Library module
Command+‘ – Create virtual copy (Library/ Develop module)
Command+R – Show in Finder (Library/ Develop module)
Arrow Right/Arrow Left – Go to next/ previous photo in Filmstrip
Shift+click / Command+click – Select multiple folders or collections
F2 – Rename photo (in Library module)
Delete – Delete selected photo(s)
Option+Delete – Remove selected photo(s) from catalog
Command+Option+Shift+Delete – Delete selected photo(s) and move to Recycling Bin (Windows) or Trash (Mac OS)
Command+Delete – Delete rejected photo(s)
Command+E – Edit in Photoshop
Command+Option+E – Edit in other Editor
Command+Shift+E – Export selected photo(s)
Command+Option+Shift+E – Export with previous settings
Command+Option+Shift+ , (comma) – Open plug-in manager
Command+P – Print selected photo
Command+Shift+P – Open Page Setup dialog box
E/Enter – Switch to Loupe view
G/Esc – Switch to Grid view
C – Switch to Compare view
N – Switch to Survey view
Space/E – Switch from Grid to Loupe view
Arrow Down – Swap select and candidate photos in Compare view
Arrow Up – Make next photos select and candidate in Compare view
Z – Toggle Zoom view
Command =/- – Zoom in/ zoom out in Loupe view
Page Up/Page Down – Scroll up/ down zoomed photo in Loupe view
Home/End – Go to beginning/ end of Grid view
Command+Enter – Play impromptu slide show
Command+]/] – Rotate photo right/ left
=/- – Increase/ decrease Grid thumbnail size
Page Up/Page Down – Scroll up/ down Grid thumbnails
Command+Shift+H – Toggle cell extras
Command+Option+Shift+H – Show/hide badges
J – Cycle Grid views
Command+J – Open Library view options
Command+click – Select multiple discrete photos
Shift+click – Select multiple contiguous photos
Command+A – Select all photos

Command+D/Command+Shift+A – Deselect all photos
Command+Shift+D – Select only active photo
/ – Deselect active photo
Shift+ Left/Arrow Right – Add previous/next photo to selection
Command+Option+A – Select flagged photos
Command+Option+Shift+D – Deselect unflagged photos
Command+G – Group into stack
Command+Shift+G – Ungroup stack
S – Toggle stack
Shift+S – Move to top of stack
Shift+]/] – Move up/ down in stack
1…5 – Set star rating
Shift+ 1…5 – Set star rating and go to next photo
0 – Remove star rating
Shift+0 – Remove star rating and go to next photo
]/] – Increase/decrease rating by one star
6 – Assign red label
7 – Assign yellow label
8 – Assign green label
9 – Assign blue label
Shift+ 6…9 – Assign color label and goto next photo
P – Flag photo as Pick
Shift+P – Flag photo as Pick and goto next photo
X – Flag photo as reject
Shift+X – Flag photo as reject and goto next photo
U – Unflag photo
Shift+U – Unflag photo and goto next photo
Command+Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Increase/ decrease flag status
– Cycle flag settings
Command+Option+R – Refine photos
\ – Show/ hide Library Filter bar
Shift+click filter labels – Open multiple filters in the Filter bar
Command+L – Toggle filters on/off
Command+F – Find photo in the Library module
Command+N – Create New collection in the Library module
B – Add to Quick Collection
Shift+B – Add to Quick Collection and go to next photo
Command+B – Show Quick Collection
Command+Option+B – Save Quick Collection
Command+Shift+B – Clear Quick Collection
Command+Option+Shift+B – Set as target collection
Command+K – Add Keywords
Command+Shift+K – Edit Keywords
Command+Option+Shift+K – Set a Keyword shortcut
Shift+K – Add/ remove Keyword shortcut from selected photo
Command+Option+K – Enable painting
Option+ 1…9 – Add a keyword from a keyword set to selected photo
Option+0 – Cycle forward through keyword sets
Option+Shift+0 – Cycle backward through keyword sets
Command+Option+Shift+C – Copy metadata
Command+Option+Shift+V – Paste metadata
Command+S – Save metadata to file
Command+: – Open Spelling dialog box
Command+; – Check spelling
Command+Option+T – Open Character palette
V – Convert to grayscale
Command+U – Auto tone
Command+Shift+U – Auto white balance
Command+E – Edit in Photoshop
Command+Shift+C – Copy Develop settings
Command+Shift+V – Paste Develop settings
Command+Option+V – Paste settings from previous photo
Command+Option+Shift+Arrow Left – Copy After settings to Before
Command+Option+Shift+Arrow Right – Copy Before settings to After
Command+Option+Shift+Arrow Up – Swap Before and After settings
[+]/- – Increase/decrease selected slider in small increments
Shift+[+]/- – Increase/decrease selected slider in larger increments
./, – Cycle forward/ backwards through Basic panel settings
Double-click slider name – Reset a slider
Option+click group name – Reset a group of sliders
Command+Shift+R – Reset all settings
Command+Shift+S – Sync settings
Command+Option+S – Sync settings bypassing Synchronize Settings dialog box
Command+click Sync button – Toggle Auto Sync
Command+Option+Shift+A – Enable Auto Sync
Command+Option+Shift+M – Match total exposures
W – Select White Balance tool
R – Select the Crop tool
A – Constrain Aspect ratio when Crop tool is selected

Shift+A – Crop to same Aspect ratio as previous crop
Option+drag – Crop from center of photo
O – Cycle Crop grid Overlay
Shift+O – Cycle Crop grid overlay Orientation
X – Switch crop between portrait and landscape orientation
Command+Option+R – Reset crop
Q – Select the Spot Removal tool
K – Select the Adjustment Brush tool (from any module)
M – Select the Graduated Filter tool
]/[ – Increase/ decrease brush size
Shift+]/[ – Increase/ decrease brush feathering
/ – Switch between local adjustment brush A and B
Option+drag – Temporarily switch from brush A or B to Eraser
Shift+drag – Paint a horizontal or vertical line
Drag adjustment pin right/left – Increase/decrease Amount
H – Show/ hide local adjustment pin
O – Show/ hide local adjustment mask Overlay
Shift+O – Cycle local adjustment mask Overlay colors
Command+Option+Shift+T – Select targeted Adjustment tool to apply Tone Curve
Command+Option+Shift+H – Select Targeted Adjustment tool to apply Hue
Command+Option+Shift+S – Select Targeted Adjustment tool to apply Saturation
Command+Option+Shift+L – Select Targeted Adjustment tool to apply Luminance
Command+Option+Shift+G – Select Targeted Adjustment tool to apply Grayscale Mix
Command+Option+Shift+N – Deselect Targeted Adjustment tool
J – Show clipping
Command+]/[ – Rotate photo right/ left
Space/Z – Toggle between Loupe and 1:1 Zoom preview
Command+=/- – Zoom in / zoom out
Command+Enter – Play impromptu slide show
Y – View Before and After left/ right
Option+Y – View Before and After top/ bottom
Shift+Y – View Before and After in a split screen
\ – View Before only
Command+N – Create a new snapshot
Command+Shift+N – Create a new preset
Command+Option+N – Create a new preset folder
Command+J – Open Develop view options
Enter – Play slide show
Command+Enter – Play impromptu slide show
Space – Pause slide show
Option+Enter – Preview slide show
Esc – End slide show
Arrow Right – Go to next slide
Arrow Left – Go to previous slide
Command+]/[ – Rotate photo right/ left
Command+Shift+H – Show/ hide guides
Command+J – Export PDF slide show
Command+Shift+J – Export JPEG slide show
Command+Option+J – Export video slide show
Command+N – Create a new slide show template
Command+Shift+N – Create a new slide show template folder
Command+S – Save slide show settings
Command+P – Print
Command+Option+P – Print one copy
Command+Shift+P – Open Page Setup dialog box
Command+Option+Shift+P – Open Print Settings dialog box
Command+Shift+Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Go to first page/ last page
Command+Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Go to previous/ next page
Command+Shift+H – Show/ hide guides
Command+R – Show/ hide rulers
Command+Shift+J – Show/ hide page bleed
Command+Shift+M – Show/ hide Margins and gutters
Command+Shift+K – Show/ hide image cells
Command+Shift+U – Show/ hide dimensions
Command+Enter – Play impromptu slide show
Command+]/[ – Rotate photo right/ left
Command+N – Create a new print template
Command+Shift+N – Create a new print template folder
Command+S – Save print settings
Command+R – Reload web gallery
Command+Option+P – Preview in browser
Command+Enter – Play impromptu slide show
Command+J – Export web gallery
Command+N – Create a new web gallery template
Command+Shift+N – Create a new web gallery template folder
Command+S – Save web gallery settings
Command+/ – Display current module shortcuts
Click – Hide current module shortcuts
Command+Option+Shift+/ – Go to current module Help
F1 – Open Community Help

macOS – Photoshop Lightroom CC Shortcut Keys PDF

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