macOS – Qt Creator Shortcut Keys

Qt Creator Shortcut Keys

macOS – Qt Creator Shortcut Keys

Qt Creator Shortcut Keys for macOS

Ctrl+O – Open file or project
Ctrl+N – New file or project
Alt+V, Alt+I – Open in external editor
Ctrl+A – Select all
Delete – Delete
Ctrl+X/Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V – Cut / Copy / Paste
Ctrl+Z – Undo
Ctrl+Y – Redo
Ctrl+P – Print
Ctrl+S – Save
Ctrl+Shift+S – Save all
Ctrl+W – Close window
Ctrl+Shift+W – Close all windows
Ctrl+F4 – Close current file
Alt+Arrow Left/Alt+Arrow Right – Go back / Go forward
Ctrl+L – Go to line
Ctrl+E, O – Go to other split
Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab – Previous open document / Next open document in history
Ctrl+K – Activate Locator
Ctrl+1 – Switch to Welcome mode
Ctrl+2 – Switch to Edit mode
Ctrl+3 – Switch to Design mode
Ctrl+4 – Switch to Debug mode
Ctrl+5 – Switch to Projects mode
Ctrl+6 – Switch to Analyze mode
Ctrl+7 – Switch to Help mode
Alt+1 – Toggle Issues pane
Alt+2 – Toggle Search Results pane
Alt+3 – Toggle Application Output pane
Alt+4 – Toggle Compile Output pane
Alt+5…9 – Toggle other output panes
Alt+M – Activate Bookmarks pane
Alt+Y – Activate File System pane
Alt+O – Activate Open Documents pane
Alt+9 – Maximize output panes
F6 – Move to next item in output panes
Shift+F6 – Move to previous item in output panes
Alt+X – Activate Projects pane
Ctrl+Shift+F11 – Full screen
Alt+0 – Toggle the sidebar
Esc – Move to Edit mode
Ctrl+Q – Exit Qt Creator
Ctrl+I – Auto-indent selection
Ctrl+</Ctrl+> – Collapse / Expand
Ctrl+Space – Trigger a completion in this scope
Ctrl+Insert – Copy line
Ctrl+Alt+Down – Copy line down / copy line up
Ctrl+Shift+V – Paste from the clipboard history, Subsequent presses move you back in the history
Shift+Delete – Cut line
Ctrl+J – Join lines
Ctrl+Shift+Enter – Insert line above current line
Ctrl+Enter – Insert line below current line
Ctrl+-/Ctrl++ – Decrease / increase font size (or Ctrl+scroll)
Ctrl+0 – Reset font size
Alt+V, Alt+V – Toggle Vim-style editing
Ctrl+E, 2 – Split
Ctrl+E, 3 – Split side by side
Ctrl+E, 1 – Remove all splits
Ctrl+E, 0 – Remove current split
Ctrl+A – Select all
Ctrl+]/Ctrl+[ – Go to block end / Go to block start
Ctrl+}/Ctrl+{ – Go to block end / Go to block start with selection
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Down/Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Up – Move current line down / Move current line up
Alt+Enter – Trigger a refactoring action in this scope
Ctrl+E, R – Rewrap paragraph
Ctrl+U – Select the current block The second press extends the selection to the parent block
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+W – Enable text wrapping
Ctrl+/ – Toggle comment for selection
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+V – Visualize whitespace
Ctrl+J – Adjust size
Ctrl+G – Lay out in a grid
Ctrl+H – Lay out horizontally
Ctrl+L – Lay out vertically
Alt+Shift+R – Preview
F4 – Edit signals and slots
Ctrl+M – Toggle bookmark
Ctrl+./Ctrl+, – Go to next bookmark / go to previous bookmar
Alt+C, Alt+F – Fetch snippet
Alt+C, Alt+P – Paste snippet
Ctrl+Shift+U – Find usages
F2 – Follow symbol under cursor; Works with namespaces, classes, methods, variables, include statements and macros
Ctrl+Shift+R – Rename symbol under cursor
Shift+F2 – Switch between method declaration and definition
Ctrl+Shift+T – Open type hierarchy
F4 – Switch between header and source file
Alt+U – Turn selected text into lowercase
Alt+Shift+U – Turn selected text into uppercase
Ctrl+Shift+C – Run static checks on JavaScript code to find common problems
Ctrl+F – Find and replace
F3/Shift+F3 – Find next / Find previous
Ctrl+F3/Ctrl+Shift+F3 – Find next / Find previous occurrence of selected text
Ctrl+= – Replace next
Ctrl+Shift+F – Open advanced find
Alt+( – Record a text-editing macro
Alt+) – Stop recording a macro
Alt+R – Play last macro
Ctrl+Alt+Space – Show Qt Quick toolbars
Alt+V, 1…9 – Execute user actions 1 … 9 in FakeVim mode

Ctrl+[ – Switch to background
Ctrl+] – Switch to outline
Ctrl++ /Ctrl+- – Zoom in / Zoom out
Ctrl+= – Fit to screen
F2 – Open the QML file that defines the selected component
F4 – Move between code editor and visual editor
Ctrl+Alt+0 – Toggle left sidebar
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+0 – Toggle right sidebar
F5 – Start or continue debugging
Shift+F5 – Exit debugger
F10 – Step over
F11 – Step into
Shift+F11 – Step out
F9 – Toggle breakpoint
Ctrl+F6 – Run to selected function
Ctrl+F10 – Run to line
F12 – Reverse direction
Ctrl+B – Build project
Ctrl+Shift+B – Build all
Ctrl+Shift+N – New project
Ctrl+Shift+O – Open project
Ctrl+T – Select the kit to build and run your project with
Ctrl+R – Run
Alt+Z, Alt+C – Commit/Submit
Alt+Z, Alt+D – Diff
Alt+Z, Alt+L – Log/Filelog
Alt+Z, Alt+S – Status
Alt+C, Alt+A – Add
Alt+C, Alt+C – Commit/Submit
Alt+C, Alt+D – Diff
Alt+G, Alt+A – Add
Alt+G, Alt+C – Commit/Submit
Alt+G, Alt+D – Diff
Alt+G, Alt+Shift+D – Diff project
Alt+G, Alt+B – Blame/Annotate
Alt+G, Alt+L – Log/Filelog
Alt+G, Alt+K – Log project
Alt+G, Alt+U – Undo changes/Revert
Alt+P, Alt+A – Add
Alt+P, Alt+S – Commit/Submit
Alt+P, Alt+D – Diff project
Alt+P, Alt+F – Log/Filelog
Alt+P, Alt+R – Undo changes/Revert
Alt+P, Alt+E – Edit
Alt+G, Alt+A – Add
Alt+G, Alt+C – Commit/Submit
Alt+G, Alt+D – Diff
F1 – View context-sensitive help
Ctrl+T – Activate contents in Help mode
Ctrl+M – Add bookmark in Help mode
Ctrl+I – Activate index in Help mode
Ctrl+0 – Reset font size
Ctrl+S – Activate search in Help mode

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