macOS – Quickbooks Shortcut Keys

Quickbooks Shortcut Keys

macOS – Quickbooks Shortcut Keys

Quickbooks Shortcut Keys for macOS

Command+Option+? – Show Keyboard Reference
I – Invoice
W – Checks (Think of it as write checks)
E – Estimate
X – Expense
R – Receive Payment
C – Customrs
V – Vendors
A – Chart of Accounts
L – Lists
H – Help
F – Find / Search Transactions
H – Help
X – Exit Transaction View
C – Cancel
S – Save and New
M – Save and Send (Think of it as send as message)
+/- – Next Day / Previous Day
T – Today
W – First day of the Week
K – Last day of the Week
M – First day of the Month
H – Last day of the month
Y – First day of the Year
R – Last day of the year
Option+Arrow Down – Open the pop-up calendar icon to the right of a date field.
+/- – Add / Substract
*/[/] – Multiply / Divide
( … ) – Group
Tab – Calculate the Result
Tab/Shift+Tab – Go forward / go backwards
Space – Check a checkbox
Option+Arrow Down – Open a drop-down list, and open list of sub items if present
Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Move through drop-down list
Tab – Select item and move to next field
Command+Arrow Down/Command+Arrow Up – Scroll through list without opening it
Option+Shift+S – Save Forms (Option+S for IE)
Shift+Tab – Select the transaction type field in a new transaction row
Option+Arrow Down – Open the list
Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Move through the list
A…Z – Typing first letter of transaction selects it; repeat letters for multiples with the same start letter.
Tab – Select transaction and move to next field
+/- – Increase / Decrease Ref Number
T – Enters To Print in the Ref # field for check, bill payment, or paycheck
Option+Shift+S – Save transaction (Option+S in IE)
Option+E – Edit saved transaction

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