macOS – QuickTime Player Shortcut Keys

QuickTime Player Shortcut Keys

macOS – QuickTime Player Shortcut Keys

QuickTime Player Shortcut Keys for macOS

Option+Command+N – New movie recording
Ctrl+Option+Command+N – New audio recording
Ctrl+Command+N – New screen recording
Command+O – Open file
Command+U – Open location using a URL
Command+W – Close window
Shift+Command+S – Save/ Export
Shift+Command+E – Export for the web
Command+M – Minimize window
Command+I – Show Movie Inspector
Option+Command+P – Show export Progress
Space – Play or pause
Command+Enter – Play or pause all movies
Arrow Left – Stop playback and go back one frame
Arrow Right – Stop playback and go forward one frame
Option+Arrow Left – Go to the beginning of a movie
Option+Arrow Right – Go to the end of a movie
Command+Arrow Left – Cycle through rewind speeds
Command+Arrow Right – Cycle through fast forward speeds
Arrow Up – Turn volume up
Arrow Down – Turn volume down
Option+Arrow Up – Turn the volume up to the maximum level
Option+Arrow Down – Turn the volume down to the minimum level
Option+Command+T – Show closed captioning
Command+R – Show chapters
Command+L – Loop the movie
Command+F – Enter Full screen mode
Command+F/Esc – Exit Full screen mode
Command+1 – Display movie at actual size
Command+3 – Fit the movie to the screen
Command+4 – Fill the screen with the movie
Command+5 – Display the movie in panoramic mode
Command++ – Increase the movie size
Command+- – Decrease the movie size
Command+Z – Undo
Shift+Command+Z – Redo
Command+X – Cut
Command+C – Copy
Command+V – Paste
Command+A – Select all
Shift+Command+A – Select all excluding silent portions
Shift+Command+L – Rotate left
Shift+Command+R – Rotate right
Shift+Command+H – Flip horizontal
Shift+Command+V – Flip vertical
Command+Y – Split clip
Command+T – Trim

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