macOS – Safari Browser Shortcut Keys

Safari Browser Shortcut Keys

macOS – Safari Browser Shortcut Keys

Safari Browser Shortcut Keys for macOS

Command+1 – Switch to first tab
Command+9 – Switch to last tab
Command+Tab – Switch to next tab
Command+1-8 – Switch to specified tab
Command+Shift+Tab – Switch to previous tab
Command+W orCommand+F4 – Close the current tab
Alt+F4 – Close the browser
Command+Shift+T – Reopen the last closed tab
Command+T – Open new tab
Command+N – Open new browser window
Command+MouseWheelUp – Zoom in
Command+MouseWheelDown – Zoom out
Command+0 – Default Zoom level
F11 or Spacebar – FullScreen Mode
Command+L – Go to address bar
Command+Enter – Prefix www. and Post .com in address bar
Alt+Enter – Open the loaction in address bar
Command+K orCommand+E – Go to address bar for search
Command+F – Open the page search box
Command+G – Find the next match in page search box
Command+Shift+G – Find the previous match in page search box
Command+P – Print current page
Command+S – Save Current page
Command+O – Open a file of computer in browser
Command+U – Open the page source code
F12 – Open developer tools
Return – Start/finish editing bookmark name
Command+Ctrl+S – Save browser window
Command+? – Help
Command+. – Stop
Command+, – Preferences
Command+= – Define in dictionary
Command+shift+: – Spelling correction
Command+; – Spelling checking
Command++ – Zoom text
Command+- – Zoom out text
Command+Option+, – Open Setting
Command+Shift+* – AppleScript Result
F5 – Reload
Command+F5 – Reload and skip cache
Esc – Stop
Alt+Left Arrow or Delete – Back
Alt+Right Arrow orShift+Delete – Forward
Command+Up arrow – Scroll to top-left corner of web page
Command+Down arrow – Scroll to bottom-right corner of web page
Left/Right Arrow – Scroll page horizontally
Up/down Arrow – Scroll Page vertically
Option+Arrow Keys – Scroll Page by fullscreen
Command+Home – Homepage
Middle click on tab – Close the tab
Command+Left Click – Open a link in background tab
Shift+Left Click – Open a link in a new window
Command+Shift+Left Click – Open a link in foreground tab
Option+Click – Download file
Shift+Add bookmark Click – Add bookmark directly
Command+Double Click – Open bookmark in a new window
Option+Click New Folder – Put selected items in folder
Double click or Spacebar – Open bookmark
Command+A – Select all
Command+B – Show/hide favourites bar
Command+D – Add bookmark
Command+H – Hide browser
Command+J – Go to selection
Command+M – Minimize
Command+Q – Close browser
Command+C – Copy
Command+V – Paste
Command+X – Cut
Command+R – Reload
Command+Z – Undo
Command+Shift+Z – Redo
Command+Shift+F – Full Screen mode
Command+Shift+H – Go to Home Page
Command+Shift+M – Maximize
Command+Shift+P – Page setup loading
Command+Shift+S – Start Sampling
Command+Shift+T – Stop Sampling
Command+Shift+A – Form autofilling
Command+Shift+B – Bluetooth transfer
Command+Shift+K – Block plugins
Command+Shift+D – Add bookmark to menu
Command+Shift+W – Close window
Command+Shift+Y – Make stickey notes
Command+Shift+U – Open URL
Command+Option+B – Show all bookmarks
Command+Option+E – Empty cache
Command+Option+M – Minimize all
Command+Option+V – View Source
Command+Ctrl+D – Add safaristand bookmarks
Command+Option+F – Search from google
Command+Option+A – Show Activities

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