macOS – Slack Shortcut Keys

Slack Shortcut Keys

macOS – Slack Shortcut Keys

Slack Shortcut Keys for macOS

Command++/Command+- – Zoom in/Zoom out
PgUp – Scroll Up
PgDn – Scroll Down
Command+K – Quick Switcher
Command+, – Preferences
Command+[ – Previous Channel Visited
Command+] – Next Channel Visited
Option+Shift+Up Arrow – Previous Unread Channel
Option+Shift+Down Arrow – Next Unread Channel
Option+Up Arrow – Previous Channel
Option+Down Arrow – Next Channel
Command+. – Open or Close Right Pane
Command+Shift+K – Direct Message Menu
Command+Shift+T – Open All Threads view
Command+Shift+F – Toggle Full Screen View
Command+F – Search the current Channel/Conversation
Command+Shift+S – Starred Item
Command+Shift+E – Directory
Command+Shift+M – Activity
Command+/ – Open list of Keyboard shortcuts
R – Toggle Current Channel read/Unread
Left Arrow/Right Arrow – Move between Channels
Command+Shift+A – Open all Unread View
Option+Click Msg – Mark Msg as Unread
Command+Shift+] – Switch to Next Team
Command+Shift+[ – Switch to Previous Team
Command+1..9 – Switch to A Specific team
Esc – Mark All Messages in Current Channel
Shift+Esc – Mark All Messages As Read
Option+Click Msg – Set Msg to Oldest Unread Message
Tab – Reprint your last slash command in a channel
Shift+Up Arrow – Select Text to Beginning of Current Line
Shift+Down Arrow – Select Text to End of Current Line
Command+Shift+\ – Add Emoji Reactions to A Message
Shift+Enter – Create a new line in your message
Up Arrow – Edit Your Last Message
@character+Tab – Autocomplete Username
#character+Tab – Autocomplete Channel
:character+Tab – Autocomplete Emoji
Command+U – Upload a File
Command+Enter – Create a new snippet
M – Mute On/Off
V – Video On/Off
A – Show Invite List
S – View Channel sharing Options
E+1..9 – View and Select Emoji Reactions

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