macOS – Titanium Shortcut Keys

Titanium shortcut keys

macOS – Titanium Shortcut Keys

Titanium Shortcut Keys for macOS

Command+3 – Quick Access
Command+Option+Q – Open View
Command+F7 – Switch View
Command+Shift+F7 – Switch View Reverse
Command+F8 – Switch Perspective
Command+Ctrl+G – GIT Commands
Command+F12 – Focus Editor
Command+E – Switch File in Current Editor
Command+Shift+E – Switch File Dialog in All Editors
Command+F6 – Switch File in All Editor
Command+Shift+F6 – Switch File in All Editor in Reverse Mode
Option+Left Arrow – Delete Previous Word
Command+D – Delete Lines
Command+Shift+X – To Upper Case
Command+Shift+Y – To Lower Case
Ctrl+. – Word Completion
Ctrl+Spacebar – Content Assist
Command+Shift+F – Format Code
Fn+Option+Left Arrow – Delete Next Word
Fn+Left Arrow – Delete Next Character
Command+Fn+Shift+Backspace – Delete Rest of Line
Option+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Move Lines Up/Down
Command+Option+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Duplicate Lines Up/Down
Command+Option+A – Toggle Block/Normal Selection
Command+[/] – Forward/Backward History
Command+L – To Given Line
Option+Left Arrow/Right Arrow – Previous/Next Word
Command+Left Arrow/Right Arrow – To Line Start/End
Command+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – To File Start/End
Command+Shift+P – To Matching Bracket
Ctrl+Q – Last Edit Location
Command+F – Find
Option+Enter – Enter NewLine
Option – Show Options
Command+K – Find Next
Command+Shift+K – Find Previous
Esc – Hide Find
Ctrl+H – Show Find Dialog
Command+Option+0 – Toggle Mark Occurances of Term Where Cursor is At
Command+F11 – Debug
Command+Shift+F11 – Run
Command+R – Run to Line
F5 – Step Into
F6 – Step Over
F7 – Step Return
F8 – Resume
Command+Shift+M – New Model Dialog
Command+Shift+I – New Migration Dialog
Command+Shift+Y – New Widget Dialog
Command+Shift+C – New Controller Dialog
Command+Shift – Save All
F2 – Resume
F5 – Refresh

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